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    Finally Pixel Advertising Solutions is ushering you to the long awaited moment! To the moment where you wanted your advertising campaign to be carried out based on a profound psychologically analysed context, to be targeted precisely and most importantly to feel reassured, since all the advertising concepts designed consist ‘ result oriented promotion schemes’.


    Each passing day gives us a reason as to why we should collaborate with the digitalizing world and extend our services to the global village. Following are some of the digital solutions we provide: Website construction, 3D animation, Product Demo reel, Flash Animation.


    We want the ‘voice’ of your service/product to be unique, prominent and most of all to be heard in the world of business, where the competitiveness grows with each passing second. This is why we assist you from the very beginning, i.e. from branding your product/service based on research studies, designing logos to be consistent with the product/service until the day you walk on the red carpet for the ‘BEST ENTREPRENUER OF THE YEAR’


    Live in your dream place even before it is being built! Pixel Advertising Solutions believes that it is very important that their client gets the précised service they sought for, with even better modifications. Hence we use softwares such as ArchitCAD to animate your imagination before heading for construction right away. The team of architects and constructors are handpicked by Pixel, since safety is equally important as creativity.


    Worrying is NEVER a solution for the drawback of your business! Now with Pixel Advertising Solutions at your service you are in for a treat to discover solutions that you didn’t even know that existed!!! We are ready to motivate your staff, provide solutions to by-pass the situation, and to do whatever it takes to lift your business a level higher!


    Scared to make a move? Demolish all your fears now!!! Join in for a Pixel`s Concept developing session to foresee the challenges arising from future developments, to evaluate new concepts before committing expensive resources and finally, to make the right call.

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