Towards the light of E-commerce through the darkness of COVID-19

Why you should turn your traditional business into an E-commerce stream due to COVID-19?

A dangerous disease called Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) has begun to spread as no one expected at the beginning of 2020. It causes to do severe damage to human beings and the economic system of the world.  Most people fall sick with COVID-19 because it is a newly discovered virus and in the beginning, no one knew that how to be safe from COVID-19.

You can be infected by breathing if you are surrounded by a person who is positive for COVID-19.  But it mainly transmitted through infected people when they cough, sneeze, or exhales. Because the droplets that generate from the infected person is too heavy to hang in the air and fall quickly on surfaces which infected person surrounded. If a non-infected person touches those surfaces and touches his nose, eyes, or mouth, there is a high possibility to be infected. Without knowing these things most people fall in sick with COVID-19.

So the governments decided to lockdown countries to decrease the rapid spread of COVID-19.  People had to stay home and stay safe as the order of the government. Not only workplaces, schools, universities, and public places COVID-19 caused to close the religious places and even police stations. According to that people couldn’t go to work and children couldn’t the school.

This wasn’t a huge problem at the beginning, but it became a major problem because the lockdown ceases the system of the world.

How the COVID-19 cease the world?


Our life has totally changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. There is no more freedom and joy in our lives, deaths and sufferings are everywhere instead of that. Some people talk about the changes of the environment since COVID-19. They are mentioning how the environment is clean with blue skies, fresh air, brighter moon, and clearer rivers. But do we need this kind of beautiful planet without any human being? The answer is yours.

Employees can’t attend to work because of this situation and the companies shut down until the situation gets better. But, when? Who can promise us a date that COVID-19 takedown? No one can tell us about a date to wait until. Thus, all we have to do is adapt to the situation and move on.



How can we adapt to the COVID-19 situation by E-commerce?

  • How can you adapt to the COVID-19 as a student?

COVID-19 pandemic attacked the education of millions of worldwide students. Now your best solution is to learn from home, then you can study no matter what happens outside. Also, you don’t have to waste your time until school starts. Learn from how via the internet is a good way to study that saves your time to study more.

  • How you can adapt to the COVID-19 as an employee through E-commerce?

You can’t survive without a career in today’s world.  As an employee you have to adapt to the situation you can serve your service to your company from home, otherwise, you have to wait until the COVID-19 pandemic subsides.  It’s clear that it is cannot be quite possible to return to normal.

  • How can you adjust for COVID-19 as a businessman with E-commerce?

As you already know, no one can maintain their normal life for any longer. But the needs of our lives are still there. You have to find a way to maintain your businesses in the current situation. The best way to make your business steady and solid so far is e-commerce.


ecommerce 1706103 640



  • What is e-commerce?

E-commerce is a concept that can be performed by computers, tablets, or smartphones through the internet. It lets companies and individuals buy and sell stuff. E-commerce has four major segments to help to operate the concept;

  • Business to business
  • Business to consumer
  • Consumer to consumer
  • Consumer to business

What are the benefits of E-commerce?

  • Building an E-commerce website is more easy and fast. Unlike the traditional way, E-commerce helps you to lead your business to a successful path rapidly.
  • E-commerce will be a major help to a person who was planning to start a business and couldn’t start because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It helps that person to start a business with a low cost in the E-commerce platform.
  • You can run your business from home. Then you don’t have to abound your business again because of any kind of pandemic, not even in a zombie apocalypse. Just kidding. It will also help you to cut off unnecessary expenses of your business
  • You can tap into a larger customer base by expanding your business beyond the geographic area through E-commerce. Because E-commerce expands your business all over the world.
  • You can hire the best person for your company no matter where they live by E-commerce. Because the strong staff is the backbone of a business.
  • You can sell and buy 24/7 through E-commerce. You don’t have set hours to buy or sell your product. Also, you can buy or sell products from home instead of going outside in a dangerous situation like COVID-19.
  • You can start your business small and step up. You can start your E-commerce business with one person and a website. This will be a huge opportunity for new entrepreneurs.

We all experienced a hard time over the last year and we are still going through a hard period. None of us know about a day that we can go back to our normal lives. COVID-19 will ruin your business at least till 2023. We can’t wait until then, because life goes with or without. So we can’t let our business down that easily.

We can move our business to the E-commerce platform and experience the world of tomorrow. E-commerce is our saving grace due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, are you ready to make a big difference in your business life with E-commerce?

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Advertising Sri Lanka- Best advertising agency and No#01 web development

Follow the North Star until you get your business on the right path.

What is advertising Sri Lanka?

Advertising is a marketing communication that communicates through various kinds of media. Newspapers, television, magazines, radio, outdoor advertising, and direct mail are examples of traditional media. There is also new media such as search results, social media, blogs, websites, text messages, etc.

What are the benefits of Advertising Sri Lanka?

Advertising is the best way to increase the utilization of products or services. Advertising Sri Lanka assists you to reach the target audience easily. Advertising helps the audience to get the right idea about the product or service because; an advertisement contains the name of the product or image with certain qualities, the role of the product, and the important details about the product or service. It may also help to know the viability and the success of the company to its shareholders or employees.

Advertising helps you to deliver the proper message to the customers. It informs the consumers about the product and convinces them that the product of the company is the best. It also enhances the image of the company.

Advertising Sri Lanka points out and creates the need for the product even if the audience does not have the need of it. Advertising Sri Lanka helps you to attract customers and draw them to the business. And it assists you to hold the existing customers.

advertising sri lankaWhat are the 6 qualities that should contain in a good advertisement in advertising Sri Lanka?

  1. Awareness
  2. Knowledge
  3. Liking
  4. Preference
  5. Conviction
  6. Purchase

Is it possible for a company to sell without advertising?

Well, the answer is No; can you imagine how you will able to find a new product in today’s world among billions of products, without even knowing the name of it? It is pretty difficult, right? This is why there is a concept call advertising.

Advertising connect with their audience in three ways,

  • With a truth

A business should have the capability to gain an accurate and deep understanding of their product by advertising.

  • With an emotion

An advertisement should be possible to evocate the genuine feeling intentionally. That is what advertising sri lanka does need to do first of all.

  • With a story

A business needs to narrate the story without messing their audience. No need to be linear or no need to say too much. Because it, ill mess your audience up.


The evolution of advertising sri lanka

The advertising industry has come to an impressive long journey from the ancient Egypt steel carving advertising to online advertising and websites. The first print advertisement was published in 1472 by William Caxton and the first advertisement which was published in a newspaper was published in 1704 in the United States of America.

Fast forward to 1835, circus posters displayed over 50 sq. ft. by Billboards in the U.S. Sears was the first company that focused more on personalized advertising. Then the “Golden Age of Advertising” had begun with advertising personalization. Advertising reached its important milestone by hitting the radio in 1922. H.M. Blackwell was the first host of the advertisement for the 10 minutes of talk. The cost for 10-minutes was 50 USD.

The next major milestone in the evolution came in 1941 by popping up an advertisement on television. It created a strong connection between viewers and brands after its establishment on television.

This all turned upside down with the introduction of the online advertisement in 1992. Companies started to shift their attention more to online advertising after when everyone suddenly started to use the internet.

In 2007 mobile advertisements came to smartphones when the original iPhone was released. So this is how evolution has happened until today.


F2001B FERRANTRAITEWhere you can find the best advertising company that can get under the skin to give exactly what you need?

Like how a mother knows what is good for her kid, Pixel Advertising Solutions knows the best thing for their clients. Pixel understands what you actually need and knows how to burnish your business to achieve huge success in your career life. The Pixel Advertising Solutions will be a North Star to your business if you let them handle the most important part of your business. What is it?

As you know advertising is the most important part of your business when it comes to the purpose of reaching customers and takes your product to them. Every businessman/businesswoman looks for the best thing for their business. So, why don’t you hand over your valuable business to Pixel Advertising Solutions? It is the best advertising agency in Sri Lanka that has innovative and updated methodologies with a strong staff who crave the masterpiece for you.

Here are the top 10 agencies in sri Lanka include pixel –

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The Best Web Development Company Sri Lanka among the top 10 companies

What is web development Sri Lanka?


Web Development Sri Lanka is a procedure that refers to building, creating, and maintaining web sites for the internet (World Wide Web) or an intranet (A private network). It includes features such as web designing, web publishing, web programming, and database management. Web development can be listed from developing a simple single static page of plain text to complex web-based internet applications (Web apps) electronic businesses, and social network services.

Web engineering, Web design, Web content development, Web server, Client liaison, Client-side, e-commerce development and, Network security configuration are the inclusive list of tasks that include Web development Sri Lanka commonly consult.

Are the web developers and web designers the same?


No, Even though “Web designer” and “Web developer” are often used synonymously, they do not mean the same thing.

Web designer– Web developers only designs website interfaces by using CSS and HTML

Web developer – Web developer also can be involved in designing a website. But the developer also writes web scripts in languages such as PHP and ASP.  Web developers may help maintain and update a database used by the dynamic websites as well.  There are three types of Web development Sri Lanka.

What are the types of Web development Sri Lanka?


  • The Front-End Developer (The Front-End Engineer aka)
  • The Back-End Developer (The person no one really knows about)
  • The Full-Stack Developer (The Superman/ Superwoman)

What are the methods that using Web development Sri Lanka to create a website?

Web development Sri Lanka includes many types of web content creations such as hand-coding pages in a text editor, building a website in a program, and updating a blog via a blogging website.

Recently, content management systems like Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla have been the most popular means of web development in Sri Lanka. Anyone can create and edit their own website by using a web-based interface since those tools make it easy.

There are several methods of creating websites, but there is an often trade-off between simplicity and customization. While small organizations and individuals are using WordPress which provides basic website templates and simplified editing tools, Large businesses do not use a content management system. They use the Web development team to design and maintain the websites of the company.


web development sri lanka 1

What are the stages of Web Development Sri Lanka?


  • Stage 1- Gathering relevant information
  • Stage 2- Planning- Sitemap and Wireframe
  • Stage 3- Design and Layout
  • Stage 4- Development
  • Stage 5- Testing, Review, and Launch
  • Stage 6- Maintenance and Updation

Where you can create a good website for you by using all of the above methods and tools?


If you get excited by seeing a lot of eye-catching websites and dreaming to have your own one, I guess you already started to look for the best web developer to create your website in a creatively and attractive way.

If you want a conversant hand to support you, all you have to do is giving it to the hands of Pixel Advertising Solutions.

Why you should choose Pixel Advertising Solutions for Web development Sri Lanka?


Web development Sri Lanka has to offer its clients an extremely professional service. There are several web developing companies out there but only a few of them can offer a professional service for their clients. Pixel Advertising Solutions is the No. 01 Web Developing company in Sri Lanka. Here is why.

  • Pixel creates High-end Unique designs for its clients
  • Pixel has a professional content creation.
  • Pixel works with proven SEO search results.
  • Pixel is an expert in WordPress development.
  • Pixel offers you Website relocation services.
  • Pixel delivers the most innovative solutions in the industry.
  • The Pixel uses standard and stunning corporate-grade graphics to give you the best output.
  • Pixel works with W3C standard-based source code and white-hat SEO strategies.
  • Pixel creates a website that can market and sustain your identity in the market.

Pixel Advertising Solutions develop or revamp your website with original according to new and improved structures available. Among all of Web development companies, Pixel is the best place you can make your dream website come true. Pixel gives you the best of best to their clients to fulfill their wishes. As an award-winning advertising digital company, you can count on Pixel to let them create your dream website to turn your business on the path of success.


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Why Pixel Advertising is No. 01 Branding Agency in Sri lanka -2021

Best branding agency Sri lanka to leads your business to the right path

Your business is more than just a logo, name, or building. It is who you are as a company at an extremely foundational level. If you want to brighten your business by using branding, you have to choose the best branding agency sri lanka to burnish it.

Because Branding is the process of developing a brand of a company. Branding helps you to recognize your business among all of the other companies. It attracts customers and leads them to loyalty. Not only attraction but also branding can develop an emotional connection in customers to your business. If you choose the best branding agency for your business it will lead your business to an extremely successful path, Because only good branding elevates your business to that level. You got to know what is a branding agency and how you choose the best agency for your business to choose the best one for your business. Let’s talk about it.


branding agency sri lanka


business card printing

What is a Branding Agency sri lanka?


A Branding agency sri lanka is a place where you can create a unique brand, maintain it and strengthen it over time. A branding agency is responsible to create a brand that can express the vision, objectives, and culture of your company. A good branding agency can help you to take your brand to the customers. An only a good branding agency sri lanka can provide you a unique brand that can help customers to identify your business and give it a face. A Branding Agency is extremely specialized in the services they offer.,

What are the services of a Branding Agency sri lanka?


A Branding agency creates, plan, measure, develop, maintain and manage branding strategies for you, including name, identity system, messaging platform, and brand architecture. It is responsible to support advertising and other forms of promotions to an understanding of your business, clarifying your goals and objectives. The most important part of branding communicates to the right audience in the right way. A branding agency will help provide a strategy to improve your values and grow your brand. A good branding agency provides you the right toolkit to elevate your business to a whole new level.

A branding agency has to understand what you need to do in your business and understand everything about you. So they have to get under the skin of your business and figure out what they have to do to burnish your business.

They have to figure out what are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT Analysis) to give you a more effective service.

Accordingly, you should choose the best branding agency which can offer you all of the above services to give a good unique face to your business.



Why Pixel Advertising Solutions is No. 01 conclusion?


Pixel Advertising Solutions is the best branding agency sri lanka that can figure out what your business needs to brighten up. They understand the internal and external components very well and provide the service exactly that you need. Pixel helps you to gain a competitive advantage, define a strategy of strong brand communication. Not only that but also Pixel takes your brand to the target audience and increase the customer base.

Choosing a good branding agency  sri lanka will be a great support to take your business to the right path. The Pixel will help you to achieve all of these things that we have considered throughout the article without any doubt.

Client FeedBack-


What makes Pixel different from other branding agencies?


  • Pixel follows a procedure to help guide you through the branding process.
  • Pixel has a great experience in their work and they have a valuable fixed customer base.
  • Pixel interacts with you properly to give you the best service.
  • Pixel is upfront and honest when it comes to what a brand development could and will cost.
  •  The Pixel will boost your employee motivation and inspire them to work for the brand.
  • Pixel provides you advertising, web development, and interior design besides branding.

If you are looking for a branding agency that is capable to shape the reputation of your company and grow your business well, all you have to do is hand over your business to Pixel Advertising Solutions. As the No. 01 branding agency in Sri Lanka they will burnish your business and brighten it up for you.


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The Best 2021 Hygienic Public Toilets Near You| Poop Pal

The Best 2020 Hygienic Public Toilets Near me| Poop Pal

Are you looking for an App to find neat and clean Public toilets near me? Then look no extra. It’s a reality that each person pees! However, you will not understand the shortage of bathrooms in some site visiting places. Particularly in crowded cities wherein a lot of loads of site visitors regularly come. Are you far away from the city/country or traveling overseas? And you have been given a digestive hassle? Then, What are you going to do? There are countless public toilets around any vicinity, but finding a neat and clean washroom can never be an easy task.

Particularly, after you square measure far from your home. Suppose you are ina hurry. Also, you are looking for a clean, hygienic, lightened, and maintained toilet. The situation can be very crucial.  Now, you don’t have to worry about it. Poop Pal App created to find the best public toilets near me.

Poop Pal will help you with neat and clean public toilets near me finding and locating App public toilet near me. We have developed the best neat and clean toilet finder App Poop Pal.  Neat and Clean toilet finder App will locate the nearest public toilets. Poop Pal is a free app that locates the top-rated public toilets near me. You can find the public toilet near me which matches your needs. These toilets are safe and hygienic to use. Also, Poop Pal will locate the toilets which are children and female-friendly. ‘Neat and Clean’ Toilet Finder App helps them to choose a public toilet near me with a tissue paper facility.

Poop pal always recommends the most relevant public toilets near me. Poop pal enables the function of locating the public toilets near me with a Water facility. As different individuals have totally different heights and sizes. One toilet that is comfortable and suitable for one person may or may not be comfortable for another person. Poop pal keenly believes in the safety and health of its clients. During the Covid-19 pandemic, it strongly utters its users to take appropriate measures while using public toilets. Keep away from touching any floor along with your naked hands while you’re using the washroom. You can add the new public toilets near you to the database of Poop Pal. Let’s see the steps you got to require to induce hygienically public toilets near you.



2 1


Poop Pal: Neat and Clean Public Toilets Near me

Poop Pal is a free app that locates the top-rated public toilets near me. You can find the public toilet near me which matches your needs. Poop Pal nearby toilet finding App comes in a neat and clean design. It has a user-friendly interface. You can easily hit on the public toilets near me even if you are not familiar with Poop Pal.

Google Play service can provide you access to this app downloading. You have to download the Poop Pal App for the first time. Poop Pal will take 20 seconds to complete the download depending upon your internet connection. Finding public toilets near me using Poop Pal is very simple. To find the Public toilets near me, first, you just have to open the App. Second, browse through available suggestions based upon your suggestion.

There are two options available. First, you can find the nearby toilets from Google Map. Second, if you click on the list, you will find the list of nearby toilets. Google maps will suggest you the right directions to find the nearest Toilet.  It also shows the toilets near you with the best rating. Poop pal is very beneficial for disabled persons to find toilets near me. The Poop Pal app is the best app among all other apps of 2020. Poop pal has a user-friendly operating system. It is a need for everyone in an era of modern emerging technology.

Always Relevant Public Toilets near me Recommendations:

When you are using Poop Pal App to locate nearby toilets. It gives you the foremost relevant washrooms which are accessible in your near most locations. As there is also a large number of Apps available to locate the toilets. But they give very irrelevant results. Firstly, they locate the toilets which are far away from the user location. Secondly, they often recommend the toilets which are not located at the specified position. Third, there are a few numbers of toilets registered in these Apps.

Poop Pal app ensures to show the most relevant result. It locates the exact location of the public toilets near me. It guarantees the presence of a toilet at the specified location. It has a large number of toilets associated with it. All these features make Poop Pal the best nearby toilet locating App over others.

1 3Locate Public toilets near me with best ratings:

The Poop Pal App locates the best rated nearby toilets. It provides a large number of topmost rated toilets. These toilets are recommended by a large number of Poop Pal App users. They rate these toilets as per their experience. You can a wide range of choices. From this list of the topmost rated nearby toilets, you can the best toilet for you as per your choice.

public toilets near meNearby comfortable Toilets for Disabled person:

Disable persons actually face real challenges to find nearby toilets. Also, disabled persons require a toilet that is comfortable to use. So, Poop Pal public toilets near locater is a gifted application for such a class of people. They can find the neat and clean nearby toilets just in one click. They can not only find the toilets but choose the most comfortable ones. They can choose the best toilets for having user-friendly seating. Disables can find toilets that are safe for them. Poop Pal enables them to choose the toilets as per their requirement.

Safe public toilets near you for Woman and Children:

Women and children find it the most difficult task to get a safe toilet. Although, men can manage to find any kind of toilet which is even not user-friendly.  But, women and children require secure headways. This pooping place must be safe and comfortable. Poop Pal provides them trustworthy and safe toilets. Women and children can get an idea from reviews, which nearby toilet is safe. Poop Pal actually helps them to choose a comfortable and safe toilet from many toilets.

Locating Nearby Toilets with facility of tissue paper:

Some people, especially in western countries, prefer to use tissue paper in the toilet. They have a habit of using tissue paper, and they feel uncomfortable using water. ‘Neat and Clean’ Toilet Finder App helps them to choose a public toilet near me with a tissue paper facility.

Locating the public toilets near me with Water facility:

Some people prefer water for cleaning themselves in a toilet. As they consider the water is a more comfortable and hygienic way of cleaning oneself in the toilet. Some people are quite reluctant to use tissue paper in the toilet. They only prefer to use water to clean themselves.   Poop Pal App enables them to choose public toilets near me with a water facility.

Public toilets near me with comfortable seating:

As different individuals have totally different heights and sizes. One toilet that is comfortable and suitable for one person may or may not be comfortable for another person. Obese people may be so heavy as to require heavy responsibility rest room seats lest they broke your ordinary general toilet seat.

They demand quite bigger toilet seats to sit. Also, toilets come in different types i.e. two-piece toilets, One-Piece toilets, Wall-Hung Toilets, Smart Toilets. Different people have different choices. So, people can use Poop Pal to select the nearby toilets as per their demands. Poop Pal enables them to choose their comfortable seating from listed public toilets near me.

Poop Pal recommendations for using public toilets near you during COVID-19:

Public toilets near you through definition carry more infection dangers than lavatories in your house due to the fact they’re utilized by a bigger quantity of humans whose fitness status is unknown. Add to this the shortage of responsibility a few human beings take over their hygiene when the usage of those centers. And that’s before you even remember the more dimension of picking up infections all through a plague.

Here are some suggestion from Poop Pal to use Public toilets near you during COVID-19:

Keep away from touching any floor along with your naked hands while you’re using the washroom.

  • Open the bathroom door with a tissue after which throw that tissue in the toilet.
  • Positioned the lid of the washroom down after the use of it earlier than flushing.
  • Stand some distance from a bathroom that has an automated flusher.


  •  And, most importantly, wash and dry your palms thoroughly after the usage of the restroom.
  • A few specialists additionally advise wearing face masks to prevent exposure to infectious droplets in and around public lavatories.
  • Keep away from touching your face until you have got washed and dried your hands.

Adding new Public toilets near me to Poop Pal:

You can add the new public toilets near you to the database of Poop Pal. For this purpose you have to specify some things:

  • The exact location of Toilet
  • Quality of Toilet
  • Is this toilet is safe for kids?
  • Is this toilet is safe and relaxed for women and children?
  • Is this toilet is comfortable for Disable persons?
  • Is this toilet is comfortable for Disable persons?
  • How much do you rate the cleanliness of this toilet?

Let us understand insects, questions featured requests, and every other tip. You’re warmly welcomed to add as many lavatories to our database as feasible.

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