Top 10 app development companies in Sri Lanka.

Mobile phones have become an essential part of everyone’s life. New developments in mobile technology are impacting every life on this planet directly or indirectly. It is difficult to dream life without mobile phones. There has been much innovation in mobile technology for years but nothing compares to mobile application or app. App development industries are growing day by day. Billions and billions of app are being used by the clients every single day. It is being used from social networking sites to conducting of successful businesses. Mobile phones, tablets are getting more innovated and upgraded daily. With increase in demands for mobile phones there is also an increase in demand for mobile applications. In the following article we are going to look at the top 10 app development companies in Sri Lanka and their info. But before let us know what qualities a top app development company possesses.


top 10 app development companies

Businessman pressing colorful mobile app icons with bokeh background

Qualities of a top app development company:

Top Application Development Company is the one that successfully turns a client’s app dream into a reality. The basic work of an app is to help clients connect to the vast majority of users. So let’s see in brief what constitutes the top app development company.

  1. Excellent work ethics and client approach –

One of the most important qualities a company should possess is the work ethics or rules they follow. In addition to this, it is also necessary how a company approaches to the requirement of their customers in building an app. A company should always be creative, punctual and honest in carrying out businesses.

  1. Making user-friendly app-

In order to top the charts a company should always make their app by keeping users demands and accessibility. Also , this quality adds up to the success and popularity of the application.

  1. Make a unique and alluring app-

The app that one makes decides the revenue and customer database it will generate for their clients. So it is very important for the makers to make an alluring app to keep their users busy and add features to keep the use in process. This is the key factor to keep in mind if the company wants it’s app to get the popularity it deserves.

  1. Skilled and loyal workers –

Having experienced and dedicated workers is the basic and important factor for every company . The company who dreams to be on the top. Skill workers help the app in creating a name it requires throughout its execution.  And a loyal worker keeps in mind the benefits of the company and user while developing the application.
These are some of the basic qualities that a top 10 app development company in Sri Lanka should possess.


What are those top companies in Sri Lanka?

Now without any further delays, let us look down on charts of the top 10 app development companies in Sri Lanka.  And what makes them hold the rank. The lost is as follows-

1.Pixel Advertising Solutions
2. Telexar
3. Ceffectz Pvt Ltd
4. Treinetic Pvt Ltd
5. Alofa Techlabs (Pvt) Ltd
6. LAYOUTindex
7. Negete
8. Adelmo Technology
9. Apps.Ik (Planetweb Pvt Ltd)
10. K World Solutions Pvt Ltd.

These are the top 10 app development companies according to their rank and reviews. In Sri Lanka they have been uplifting the market at highest level possible and leaving their foot-marks. Let us get into the brief of these companies.

1.Pixel Advertising Solutions



Pixel Advertising Solutions is a Kandy based advertising solution company. This company also provides services in app development of other businesses. Pixel Advertising Solutions ranks at the first position in the top 10 app development companies in Sri Lanka. It is also top contender in advertising agency in Sri Lanka. Let us look at the detail that makes it superior in the charts.

The founder and CEO of the company is Mr. Sanjaya Rathnayke. Moreover, Pixel Advertising Solutions was established in the year 2014 with the only 4 hardworking individuals to begin. The exponential growth of Pixel advertising solutions has been remarkable. Within the six months of its foundation Pixel was honored with an international award. Also this award was just the roots to the beginning of most esteemed company in the country. As the time passed company’s dedication and thirst for becoming the superiority grew.


In addition to above,  within next 2 years Pixel expanded beyond international boundaries and launched itself in Dubai, Pakistan, USA, Australia and Japan. It landed with 300 plus finished projects, 150 and above satisfied clients and more than 4 awards within the last 5 years. Pixel even grabbed 2 awards for its Application ‘Pooppal‘. There is no resting for these guys. In an interview with Mr. Rathnayke, he clarified about future plans of Pixel. He said Pixel advertising solutions will expand its territory in more countries and claim the superiority for his country.


The services provided by Pixel Advertising Solutions are advertising,  branding and designing,  Interior design,  App development(being it’s top priority ), Web design and Search Engine optimization (SEO). Few of Pixel’s other services includes business card printing, stalls for exhibition, digital printing, offset and brochure printing.

Mission and vision-

Pixel Advertising Solutions dreams for its clients to stand tall in market. Through their innovative ideas, dedicated team and updated mechanism they strive for their client’s success in all the possible ways.


The contact details of Pixel Advertising Solutions are as follows: –

Address- 153/ Gannoruwa, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, 20400.
Email- [email protected].
Phone- +94 77 400 68888.





Texalar ranks second the list of top 10 app development companies. The headquarters of Texalar is in the capital city of the country that is Colombo, Sri Lanka. It is a software product engineering and technology innovation company. It specializes in developing digital products for other businesses all over Sri Lanka.

The current CEO of the company is Mr. John Sriskandarajah. With their hard work and cutting edge technology they are ranking over the years.


Texalar provides services which include software development, digitalization, offshore and #x2F; outsourcing and consultation. They take time and adopt critical thinking while making their client’s product and while carrying out businesses with them.

Mission and vision-

Texalar has a goal of empowering every individual and organizations with cutting edge software solutions. Texalar applies top technologies with amalgamation of lateral thinking while providing product solutions.


Address – Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Website –
Phone- 076 742 2048



3.Ceffectz Pvt Ltd


Introduction – 

Ceffectz Pvt Ltd is well known global app Development Company. They strike at the business with intention of thriving in the industry. There aura and working skills make them the top contender in the list of top 10 app development companies.

Their tagline is to think, create and believe.  This shows their level of dedication in their client’s projects. They have up-till now won 5 remarkable awards in the industry with 300 plus successful projects.


Ceffectz Pvt Ltd provides services in the areas like creative design, Web development, mobile development and IoT solutions. They provide the best software development solutions and consultations.

Mission and Vision-

Ceffectz Pvt Ltd thrive to inspire and create innovative web/mobile solutions that will take development and design to new heights.  Their mission is to provide an essential range of smart business solutions for all kinds of business to reach the global information technology market. Ceffectz Pvt Ltd’s core values include innovation, integrity, sustainable value creating, excellence and teamwork.


Address- 4B 1/1 Nuwarawatte place, Nuwala, Sri Lanka.

Email- [email protected]

Phone –  +94 (0) 114544108.


  1. Treinetic Pvt Ltd 


Introduction –

Treinetic Pvt Ltd is a global app development company. It was founded on October 2014 in Sri Lanka by the company act.2007. Treinetic Pvt Ltd currently provides its facilities to USA, European and scandavanion countries. Also, they have been working for few years now and have gained experience and name in the industry along with other companies too. Moreover, it ranks at 4th place in the top 10 app development companies.

The CEO of the company is Mr. Imal Hasaranga .Treinetic Pvt Ltd has even made an award winning android app called ‘Examiner’ for advance level students in 2016. Also, it is a well-known name in the app development industry.

Services –

They provide services into product engineering such as Web applications development, mobile application development, UI/UX design, Cloud strategy and quality assurance. They have a team of dedicated and young individuals to carry out their client’s needs and process the idea for the same.

Mission and Vision –

Treinetic Pvt Ltd vision is to become one of the renowned and leading software product engineering companies globally. They want to create a place where people are inspired, innovative and happy to work. Moreover, their mission is to lead and guide their team to achieve our client’s objectives and provide totally satisfied products and services.


Address – 1015/A Naghamulla Road, Pelawatte.
Telephone- (+94) 077 295 8078
Email- [email protected]



5.Alofa Techlabs (Pvt) Ltd


Introduction –

Alofa Techlabs (Pvt) Ltd consists of passionate team of software engineers. Moreover, they have a rich experience in developing software solutions from Web application to mobile apps. Also, this factor makes them top the charts of top 10 app development companies.

The CEO and the founder of Alofa Techlabs (Pvt) Ltd is Mr. Sahan Nanayakkara. Additionally, they have an excellent and skilled team working day and night to make their clients need into reality. They are rising name in Sri Lankan app development industry.


The services provided by Alofa Techlabs (Pvt) Ltd includes web application development, mobile application development and technology consulting. On the top of that, they service in  custom software development, UI/UX development, software testing, online marketing services , E- commerce development and also IoT.

Mission and vision- 

Alofa Techlabs (Pvt) Ltd has a simple mission of striving to deliver optimal solutions with the toppings of best quality and services at reasonable prices. Also, they provide their client with high tech solutions to their software problems. Alofa Techlabs (Pvt) Ltd’s vision is to bec ome world class IT service provider in a competitive global market place.



Address- Bataramulla, Sri Lanka.
Phone- 0775114297
Website –




Introduction – 

LAYOUTindex is a modified global software solutions company situated in Sri Lanka. They claim to be the the latest technology driven and superior service provider which in fact they are. This factor makes them claim there rank in the top 10 app development companies in Sri Lanka.

LAYOUTindex provides transformational business solutions and strategic digital solutions to businesses across different industries. They are best in what they do.
This company was founded in the year 2006 with just 3 employees to begin. Additionally , within 2 years of its establishment it partnered with USA on numerous projects. Also, in 2010 it partnered with UK on projects and projected it’s wings all over the globe. They are made up of a passionate and dedicated workers. On the top of that, they have up-till now completed 750 plus projects with 100 plus clients database.


LAYOUTindex provides services in many sectors. Some of it includes web application development, ios &android development, identity and branding, digital marketing & SEO (search engine optimization). Moreover, they also provide service in  social media marketing and video production.

Mission and vision-

LAYOUTindex dreams to be the no.1 digital media material development company. Also, They use Web and digital industry’s standard practices to provide the best services. Additionally, their mission is to provide high standards solutions on advertising and cloud based solutions to their local and international clients. Also, their mission is total customer satisfaction.


Address- Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Telephone – +94 114 388 170, +94 114 388 171
Email- [email protected]
Website –








  1. Negete


Introduction – 

Negete is a Sri Lankan based app development company. Negete stands for next generation technologies. Also ,they thrive to achieve their client’s needs and demands with excellent services and high tech solutions. Moreover, they have a 93 percent client retention rate along with 125 plus successfully delivered projects. Negete has its branches in 5 continents with years of experience. They are one of the top notch firms in all over Sri Lanka. Lastly, they offer their clients an edge over their competitors by providing an amazing experience which help them made their name in top 10 app development companies.


Negete or Next Generation Technologies provides services in Mobile application development, Web application development and hospitality services regarding revenue management.

Mission and vision-

Negete or Next Generation Technologies visions to be globally reckoned force that makes lives simple with use of their versatile technology. Also, their sole mission of Next Generation Technologies is that they are committed to help their clients succeed in their particular businesses. In addition to above, their core values are to perform to their fullest potential and provide clients with best user experience. This explains their place in top 10 app development companies.


Address- Level 5, 443, Galle Road, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Telephone- +94 702703331, +94 11 763 4383
Email- [email protected]


  1. Adelmo Technology


Introduction –

Adelmo Technology is a Sri Lankan based software development company that specializes in website development, mobile development, software development, social media marketing, game development and graphic design. Due to their excellent IT solution and hard work they grabbed seventh place in the top 10 app development companies in Sri Lanka.
They are a newbie in industry still leading at many services. They have completed 7 plus projects and are ranking with good reviews.


Adelmo Technology provides services in numerous fields. Few of them are website development, software development, mobile app development, graphic designing, game development and social media marketing.

Mission and vision-

Adelmo Technology sole mission and vision are to provide excellent customer service and to make their company best and topmost in all over Sri Lanka.


Address- Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Telephone- 078 87 86 043
Email- [email protected]
Website- www


9.Ik (Planetweb Pvt Ltd)


Introduction –

Apps.Ik (Planetweb Pvt Ltd) shines in the app development industry all over Sri Lanka. They consist of experienced designers and developers to help out their customers’ needs and demands. Also ,Apps.Ik (Planetweb Pvt Ltd) is the best name when you want to surpass your competitors in the same field. Moreover, they provide you with excellent ideas and innovation to better their client’s needs. They do construct an IT solution which increases the sales and generates revenue for their client in the business. Through its years of wisdom and skilled labors Apps.Ik (Planetweb Pvt Ltd) has been able to make name for themselves and grab the rank in top 10 app development companies of Sri Lanka.

Services –

The key or main sectors that Apps.Ik (Planetweb Pvt Ltd) provides services in are Mobile app development, IT solutions and support. In addition to these, they provide  graphic design, marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) , cloud service and development and website development.

Mission and vision –

Apps.Ik (Planetweb Pvt Ltd) strives to be the topnotch, tailored and also affordable customer service app developers in Sri Lanka. Besides, their key focus is to provide excellent and top notch services to their client’s satisfaction.


Address- 101 George Street, Parramatta, NSW 2150.
Telephone- 0760673336
Email- [email protected]


  1. K World Solutions Pvt Ltd


Introduction –

K World Solutions Pvt Ltd is a global app development company. K World Solutions Pvt Ltd is the international partner for telecommunications and information technology products and services. They stand tall in app development industry among the other company. Though they are last in the list but aren’t least. They provide their clients with cutting edge products and own innovative services. Their services are cost effective, innovative and high quality technology solutions. They excel in IT, telecommunications, Electrical and electronic fields.K World Solutions Pvt Ltd stands 10th in top 10 app development companies.

The versatile industry they provide their services are travel business, hospitality field, banking sectors, finance department,  government sectors, retail, education,  technology and healthcare sectors all over Sri Lanka. Also, K World Solutions Pvt Ltd consists of highly qualified software engineers and workers to carry out the services. Moreover, they divide their engineers into teams to increase work efficiency and productivity. K World Solutions Pvt Ltd provides good IT solutions for businesses to grow and multiply in industry.



K World Solutions Pvt Ltd provides services like software development which includes mobile app development and Web development. In addition to these, they also provide email marketing, social media marketing and do hosting.

Mission and vision-

K World Solutions Pvt Ltd has the mission of leading the advancement of technology and provide quality products with cost effective services. Also, they have vision to provide innovative and top notch products. Besides, they dream of becoming leader in outsourcing industry and have their name globally recognized.


Address- 7A, Buntings Lane, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.
Email- [email protected]

These are one of the top 10 app development companies in Sri Lanka. Also, each and every company on the list excels in the services and products their company provides. For the quality service and top notch mobile applications one should go browse through their websites and profile.


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The scenario of the best advertising agency in Kandy

Advertising agency in Kandy is basically an independent firm that markets and advertises for their client’s company for business growth or increase in the sales of the same. In other words advertising agencies are the business that supports clients in all levels of the businesses.

How does an advertising agency in Kandy work? 

The core value of any advertising firms is the growth they are offer to their client’s company. In Kandy, this advertising agencies covers every aspect of their clients need. For example- digital printing, logo designing, account management, media planning and so on. Basically this agency starts their work from dust and makes it large.
These advertising agencies mainly work in 3 guidelines for successful completion of their work. And those are as follows a) Planning
b) Production
c) Execution.
The advertising agency in Kandy work in these manners to make sure that the client’s customers are influenced by the company’s product or the services. And hence it helps in increase of sales and exponential increases the growth of the company.

What is the scenario of the best advertising agency in Kandy ?

Now let us talk about the top notch and the fastest booming advertising agency Pixel advertising solutions. They have  over 6 years of experience and 300 plus projects because of which Pixel currently stands as the no.1 among all the advertising agencies in Kandy.
The company was basically started with the 4 dedicated individuals with the owner being Sanjaya Rathnayke.
The main highlights of this agency is gaining an international visibility, grabbing the international award within 6 months of establishment and on the other hand in 2016 it reached beyond international boundaries by launching its branches in the countries like Pakistan, Dubai, USA, Australia and Japan.

advertising agency in Kandy

What are the services they provide?

The first and foremost motto is obviously to provide the best advertising solutions and works that would increase client’s public relations. The list of the services provided is as follows –

1. Advertising
2. Branding and Interior designing
3. Web design
4. App development
5. Search Engine Optimization  (SEO)

Now let us briefly look into these services and understand why is it the best advertising agency in Kandy-

Advertising – Pixel advertising solutions uses the world class research on one hand and on other it executes methodologies services to provide to a client. They have the in depth knowledge and experience of how exactly the market works and provide business solution accordingly. Nevertheless, they possess the energy and skills of hardworking youth.

Branding and Interior designing – They brand their clients with unique and extensive quality because it  helps company gain uniqueness in market and makes Pixel stand out as compare to other advertising agency in Kandy. With the skilled teams working with the software like ArchitCAD Pixel advertising solutions provide the beforehand experience or the feel of the places that client usually wants to build. It can be a house, offices or any other places as per the requirement.

Web designing- It is a common knowledge that a good business requires a good website for people to reach on just a click away. Therefore they have team working their way through various design and ideas to make one.

App development- Though websites are great method to reach audiences. What’s even more accessible is mobile apps. In pixel clients are provided with unique and creative app designs.

SEO – Besides every services Pixel provides it makes sure that the Google ranking of its clients is always at the top.

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Advantage of digital printing in Kandy – Free offers Include

What is digital printing?

Digital printing is production or dissemination of digital image directly to the variety of mediums. In compare with traditional printing it is great modification in business.
The word  “digital printing” is defined as the method apart from traditional printing.  Digital printing inclines to be a quicker procedure, and is budget friendly, as there are no prices for film, plates, or chromalins.  Offset printing, flexography, letterpress printing and screen printing are some of the other printing types. In the following article we will get to know more about digital printing in Kandy and its uses.

Why is it necessary?

As it is clear that digital printing sinks the number of levels in the orthodox printing process (which includes films and plates). This helps in saving of lot of time and energy. As we get the help by printing only one copy at a time, we get the idea of our print which ultimately helps us by making changes before the final print. This has become possible as we know that the press is connected directly to the PC which contains the design, it is conceivable to combine data files with the design file to allow individual thoughts or to target groups of leaflets to different markets. There are no restrictions to the amount or magnitude of “mutable” data areas and they can contain writings or pictures. Digital marketing provides with a options of what we want to print and how we want it to be printed.


digital printing in KandyWhat are the advantages over traditional printing when compare to digital printing in Kandy?

Relief, offset printing, lithography etc are some of the traditional ways of printing. Digital printing has almost taken over these mediums. some of the advantages it has over traditional methods are as follows  –

  • Digital printing has advantages when the number of outputs needed is less. For example if a person needs 20 flyovers or 10 greeting cards, he/ she can use it.
  • Another use of digital printing is it’s a amendable data proficiency when each paper needs a unique encryption; name or address, digital is the only way to go. Other printing methods cannot pull this string.
  • Arrangement charges are less for small tracks.
  • On the basis of when and how much amount digital printing executes .
  • We can print the amounts as low as 1,100 or 200.
  • We can modify the input data such as names, addresses or codes. In addition to this we can do numbering easily.
  • It doesn’t require plates like the offset printers which makes it budget efficient and easy to use.As we know Kandy is the second major city in Sri Lanka after Colombo. It performs a major role in the growth of the country’s economy by adding to its GDP (Gross domestic product) through tourism and attractive places. Digital printing plays major role in marketing by putting up hoardings and pamphlets cheaply and user friendly. Enhanced technology has made digital quality suitable for more uses. Some of the top digital printers of Kandy are Pixel advertising, Art graphica advertising, Yasitha creations etc.  At the conclusion, these are the advantages of digital printing in Kandy.

    Contact Pixel for Best Rates for your Digital printing works.

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Business card printing: Things to keep in mind!

In the era of digitally growing world where exchange of contact details and other information usually occurs through emails and social media it might seem odd for one to keep business card. But it has greater significance than one might think. Now let us learn about why is business card printing is important and how to carefully choose one. Business cards not only showcases the contact details and address of the person but tells much more about the ambiance and vibes one’s company possesses. And it takes a lot more than just a random design and card type to make it happen.

business card printing

Why is it important?

Though it might not seem to be a big deal for any businessperson or entrepreneurs to keep a business card but it has larger effect on the growth of any company.
First of all it has personal touch in its own way. While in a business meet or on tour exchanging of business card always signifies that the person is really looking forward to work with you. As it is a common knowledge that first impression is the last impression your business card does the same for you. It creates a very good first impression on your client or businessmen you are thinking of collaborating to. One should always keep business cards with them to grow networking whenever they visit someplace.

Things to keep in mind while business card printing?

  • The first and the foremost thing to do is hire a professional to make one if you aren’t a capable of doing so.
  • Your business card should always be of a proper size and shape. It is important because it is easier to keep and also it becomes portable.
  • The fonts and the colors play a major role in showcasing your business image. One should always keep the font and colors neat and disciplined. Also, it depends on the type of business one is involved in. But mostly it is good to keep it simple.
  • The name and contact information should be properly displayed and readable. A good business card basically includes name, company name, email, phone info, logo and Web address.
  • Always use a good quality of paper while making one. It is important to do so. Use good standard of design and outline.
  • Be a little innovative and choose a unique business card to stand out.

At last, good business card printing helps in creating a remarkable business image for businessmen and entrepreneurs and ultimately helps in boosting the network.

Get your business card design and print with pixel Team

video about Business card printing!

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What android app developers Sri Lanka warn us about SEO?

SEO is important to android app developers Sri Lanka. Why? There lots of reasons to take this into account.

There are factors that affect directly into the user experience. App developers must take care of things like:

Decrease the bounce rate

Having a site with these characteristics reduces the number of users that access and leave without any interaction. That is, the idea is for the user to interact with the page. In this way, you will be able to know how it behaves on your website and what its interests are. This will give you guidelines to know what to offer them.

This is related to the user experience. If a user is not well received when entering the page, the chances of closing and giving up or leaving for another search are great. Pixel as android app developers Sri Lanka knows these situations well.

Avoid unnecessary loss of users. Develop your android app with the best advice.

Going back to the subject, it is important to be careful with that bounce rate. This, because if it is very high, can be interpreted by Google as a sign that the content is not relevant.

When that happens, the possibility that your page loses positions is real and catastrophic.

An app should seek to increase sales

Although the preference of the population is still desktop, the use of smartphones is increasing. The important thing about this is that sales increased by almost 100% in mobile devices compared to the previous year.

Therefore, the numbers show a trend that is in full development. Therefore, having an application or an adaptable website for e-commerce, for example, is a way to increase your sales.

Our android app developers Sri Lanka take this into account for the development of projects. Android is also the most used and then comes iOs. Therefore, it is good that you do Android development.

Increase the conversion rate of Leads

Just as there is an increase in sales, there is also the possibility of increasing the conversion. This makes you generate Leads through mobile devices. This means that your website would be dynamic and generate sales. That is the goal of any company that wants to venture into apps.

Social networks are also important for

Android app developers Sri Lanka

If you use social networks to promote your services or products, it is very necessary that the pages have responsive design.

The user may be browsing the networks through the smartphone when he sees your link in the news feed. Now, if you click and the page is misaligned with the cell phone screen, the possibility that it does not convert to open the link on the desktop is much greater.

This also relates to the creation of Landing Pages. We’ll talk about that in future posts.

However, it is important that you follow Pixel’s recommendations.

Android app developers Sri Lanka

This company of android app developers Sri Lanka gives us the bases of success in terms of apps. You must also take into account the web design so that the user lives a fully positive experience.

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Web design companies in Sri Lanka tell us how to succeed

Web design companies in Sri Lanka are growing big time! They are now, part of the diverse offer on digital marketing services. However, top web design companies in Sri Lanka understood that they needed web designs that were responsive. Responsive means those pages that behave really well at smartphones as well as on computers.

Now that you are contextualized and have already understood what a responsive design site is, the time has come to talk about some reasons for you to use that resource on your site.

What Web design companies in Sri Lanka do?

Improve the user experience

The user experience is everything! This will bring you concrete results, according to Google Think Insights. If a user accesses your page through a mobile device and does not find what you are looking for, you are lost. All this, because there is a 61% chance that you will give up and go somewhere else. This was the first thing that made Pixel a well-known web design company in Sri Lanka.

On the other hand, if you are satisfied with your site, you have a positive experience. This makes the opportunity for it to become your product or service 67%. Take yourself as an example. Every time you open a website by mobile and you realize that it does not look good, are you dissatisfied?

Web design companies in Sri Lanka

Access by mobile is paramount in a web design

A giant survey conducted in 63 countries by Google Consumer Barometer found that last year more than 50% of the population connected to the Internet does so through their mobile devices.

The use of mobile Internet globally today reaches 76%. These are percentages that vary in individual markets. The tendency is for these numbers to continue to rise. This, thanks to the advance in the development of mobile devices and band quality.

SEO + Mobile Boost

Google favors sites with responsive design. Above all, when the search is made by mobile devices, it gives them preference. This naturally increases organic traffic.

Therefore, having a site with these features contributes to you appearing in the search results, regardless of the device that the user is using to do that search.

One of the Google updates of 2015 received the affectionate nickname Mobilegeddon (Mobile + Armageddon).

The intention of Google is to favor sites with responsive design or that have a mobile version to the detriment of those that are not prepared.

In addition, the URL structure will remain the same on all devices. This also improves your ranking and the visibility of your site for search engines.

Increase page speed

One of the recommendations of Google is that the content above the deployment on a mobile device is loaded in less than 1 second. That is, the full load of the page is given in less than 2 seconds.

In most cases, this becomes unfeasible when a desktop version of the site is loaded on a mobile device.

The loading speed, in addition to being a ranking factor for Google, also harms the user.

If the site takes time to load, there is a high probability that the user closes the window and looks for what he needs elsewhere.

Therefore, a site with responsive design is already lighter and optimized for mobile devices. That’s why it loads faster than a desktop version.

Final words about web design companies in Sri Lanka

These are the recommendations that are made to web design companies in Sri Lanka new to the market.

For all this, win the competition with everything with your company, having a web responsive design.


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Pixel and their Seo packages Sri Lanka for this 2019

Find the perfect Seo packages Sri Lanka. In fact, if you are not here, these offers could make your day! No matter whatever you are. Now, what should an SEO package have?

An exclusive promotion channel

The fact of having an app makes you expand the media from which to promote the different offers that your brand shows. In addition, an app is an exclusive space for your brand.

Therefore, you can apply creativity to promote your products and services in an original way. In Pixel, we have the best Seo packages Sri Lanka, with the best offers. Visit our website and compare the packages.

On the other hand, it is common for some brands to take advantage of their apps to promote the first-time offer
Many times they do it exclusively. That is, only for people who have their app downloaded on their smartphone.

This is then, a good way to encourage downloads. Users understand that downloading this app has a value in itself. They can from access exclusive offers to unique content.

A fast, simple and effective channel

Most apps are easy to use, simple and fast. The apps offer quick service and much more intuitive than other digital marketing channels. In addition, power is added to its simplicity.

All this, in order that users don’t have navigation problems. This is very important. Our Seo packages Sri Lanka offer this feature.

Seo packages Sri Lanka

In fact, many apps maintain the same navigation systems that have become standards to ensure their usability.  This is one of the guarantees for an app to be downloaded and used in a massive way. Only if users find it simple and quick to use will it give them the opportunity that all brands seek.

You get more loyalty with SEO packages Sri Lanka

The fact that a person is encouraged to download your app on your mobile is a clear sign of loyalty and confidence.

Through this gesture, the user is demonstrating that he is truly interested in your brand. This also makes it easier for you to identify your target audience.

In addition, by downloading your app on your mobile the user will see the icon of your brand on a daily basis on the screen of your device.

If you get used to that open it regularly to find value offers have achieved an impact almost daily. That, without going into the possibility of recommending your app to your friends and family. You can offer new features
Another reason to create an app is the number of features you can add to this new space.

Nowadays almost all companies have a web page. Although a large part of them is usually the same or very similar to the competition.

Therefore, the fact of having an app of the brand will make an initial difference.
In addition, an app allows you to show many more things and implement more games with your users.

An app is an ideal place to let your imagination fly

A good idea is to add to your application those functionalities that you have always been interested in incorporating into your strategy. You can create games, contests, videos.

Also exclusive files for your app that will help popularize it. Creating a specific app is ideal to differentiate yourself from competitors and show that you are unique in what you do.

An economical option

Creating an app is not cheap. If you want to create an interesting app you need to make an adequate investment. However, it is an economic channel in terms of return on investment.

On the one hand, the investment required is not as high as actions in media such as television.

SEO packages

But, in addition, an app is a new channel that opens up new paths just for the fact of being when the competition still does not capture leads in this channel.

Pixel Seo Packages for Companies – Sri lanka and Global Seo

SEO packages Sri lanka

What SEO packages Sri Lanka is about?

All these elements mentioned above, are part of the SEO packages. At Pixel, we are here to serve you and help you develop the best SEO packages Sri Lanka.

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Why Pixel became a Top 10 advertising agencies in Sri Lanka

Pixel became a Top 10 advertising agencies in Sri Lanka real fast. All this, because they understood what people want. People claim for tools that make their life easier.

In that matter, they saw big data as their big friend. They started analyzing data, and they saw that more than 80% of people in Sri Lanka use a smartphone. Mostly businesses. In addition, they saw that were few businesses that have their own websites and their own apps.

So, they thought that could be a great moment to start creating those services for everyone. They became a well-known company who offers services of this kind, and one thing leads to the other.

A top 10 advertising agencies in Sri Lanka create apps?

More and more users download different applications on their mobile devices. Everyone wants to have direct access to everything they like. In addition, applications can offer a host of unique functions. Many of them, incredibly useful for a large part of the users.

That without counting the fact of having an app improves the image of a business. This will make your brand can capture more leads while loyalty to current customers. Pixel became a top 10 advertising agencies in Sri Lanka because they are led by these premises:

Increase brand visibility and expand your database

Increase visibility and traffic is one of the main objectives of any digital marketing strategy. An own app gives this to the companies of today. This increased visibility will allow you to expand your customer database.

Additionally, with an app, you can reach a greater number of people. This will make that your list of customers can be bigger. In addition, the fact of having an app can segment and reach users of different profiles. The best thing is that this will be depending on their behavior (user intent).

top 10 advertising agencies in Sri Lanka

How much time the person spends in your app, the better. You will know what links you click, what creatives are the ones that call you the most attention. All this will tell you how the person behaves when they arrive at your website. This has been a line of action of this top 10 advertising agencies in Sri Lanka.

Establish a commitment with your customers

In the same way that you manage to expand the database of your customers, you also get more committed to them.

If a user downloads your application on their mobile, they can have contact with your company 24 hours a day.

You will always have the possibility to contact what is available and visible from the downloaded application. All this, from the screen of your mobile constantly.

Therefore, it is a way to make them see that your brand is always available to them.

This increases your confidence in the brand. In addition, it makes users feel more connected to the brand.

So much so, that they give you space in a place as personal as your mobile device. In this way, Pixel incorporates the creation of apps in its services.

Offer a new space to brands

One of the main reasons to create an app is that you can use new space to show the values ​​of your brand.

This extra space is key to increasing the visibility and popularity of your business. Additionally, it is a good way to contact your customers in other ways.

In response, users seek information on those things they like in different digital environments.

And the apps, as seen in the figures at the beginning, are one of the most important digital spaces they are acquiring.


Why we are a top 10 advertising agencies in Sri Lanka?

Hence, to offer these premises has made Pixel, one of the top 10 advertising agencies in Sri Lanka. An app is essential to follow the fast pace of customers.

All this, to try not to lose them and manage to respond to their needs and demands.

These are the bases on which Pixel supports its management model. Technology is your great ally, take advantage while you can.

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Pixel: a seo company Sri Lanka that is trending topic!

An SEO company Sri Lanka is boosting sales. Many companies and entrepreneurs consider hiring an online advertising agency to grow. Taking into account that they are specialists in communication and promotion. With this, the result should be positive.

However, if you are one of those who are still doubting. In this article, we offer you some keys to know how to choose the most suitable for your needs. It is best to start at the beginning.

Do you really need a specialist advertising company?

The services offered by external advertising agencies can help you identify the best strategies to promote your business. Also, improves your sales. Among the advantages of having these experts are:

The design of a global strategy in which your brand is the protagonist. Have the metrics under control and supervised so that nothing escapes.

Advice specifically designed for your activity. Sounds good, right? Well, let’s move on to the next level!

New trends, changes in Google algorithms. In addition, the “likes” and preferences of users. All this, are factors that the marketing agency must know how to capture and manage.

The goal is that your client is satisfied with the work done. These results are only achieved with the constant updating of commercial and promotional strategies. This, in turn, guarantees a constant escalation in sales. Choosing the best one will depend on the specific objectives that the company has set.

What should you take into account to choose an SEO company Sri Lanka?

To choose wisely you must have a certain knowledge of what an agency of this type should offer its customers.

seo company Sri Lanka

Afterward, visit specialized forums, informative websites. Also, make a visit to the comments that the clients themselves make of their services. Additionally, you need to have an approximate view of the quality of your services.

Above all, it must offer excellent capacity in digital communication. In addition, the results in the ROI must always be kept in mind.

That is to say, in the return of the investment, how much it costs me to contract it. Also, how much profit is producing my work.

The agency, for its part, must conduct a thorough analysis of the company for which it works. All your products and/or your services. Then, understand the problems and understand their objectives.

Additionally, the deadlines in which the client wants to see these objectives fulfilled.

From there the strategies will be created, the tools will be used and the client’s investment will be optimized to achieve the best results.

Final comments

It is necessary to observe if the online marketing agency has the multidisciplinary team that can take the planned strategies for success.

You must have among several employees. People like graphic designers, creatives, and programmers.

SEO agency in sri lanka

Also, specialists in digital advertising that cover all possibilities. Also, analysts and even account executives. All, with a solid experience based on years of good work and satisfied customers.

On the other hand, they must be able to create responsive designs. Also, be up to date on network innovation and Google algorithms. Generate useful and interesting content for the customer of the client. Finally, achieve a good organic positioning with the domain of SEO strategies.

Top 10 Seo Agencies in the world here.

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How will be advertising agencies in Sri Lanka?

Advertising agencies in Sri Lanka are changing things! In fact, the network has been making bigger many businesses already, This became into new activities take off, achieving success.

Therefore, it is logical to think that all those changes that we live online also change online advertising agencies.

How will they be in the future?

Although we don’t have a ball that predicts what will happen, it is true that some trends offer us the possibility of imagining that future so close with some reliability. Therefore, there are two factors in which you will notice the difference.

Is not the same, a current online advertising agency and one within a few years. Do you want to know what the differences are?

Agencies’ professionals

The importance of specialized profiles in the advertising sector is already being noticed. That is why we are sure that the marketers of the future will be. Above all, analytical, quick and will adapt easily to the changes in the world of the Internet.


The network allows obtaining data in real time. It is becoming easier and the future will go in that line. You can measure everything. Although it is necessary to differentiate the general data through specific tools from the specific KPIs of each activity. The latter requires a process of definition and analysis beforehand. Once you o that, you will also be measurable from minute one.

Performance marketing for advertising agencies in Sri Lanka

We are going towards a business model. One which we will avoid the fees for specific actions of online advertising. With the right professionals, the progress of the tools and metrics are always available.

advertising agencies in Sri Lanka

Agencies will negotiate with their clients a suitable price to reach the objectives.

Don’t be afraid to say you don’t know

Nobody knows everything. Being an expert does not mean knowing all the details in all the fields. If you ask for something for an agency and you respond with an “I do not know, I will look for it”.

Also, you should know that it is a good sign. Imagine the best of others. All this, without being aware that there are hundreds of dissertations and concepts that are not experts. Find answers and give them to explain everything, yes it is.

It has values ​​and business ethics. Hiring an online advertising agency that has a team that works in good conditions is an advantage for your business. Look if that company cares about its employees.

That means that they will be more motivated. In addition, they will want to face challenges.

Also, they will also have the right attitude to achieve their goals and make them a good job.

ad agency sri lanka 2019

Without a doubt, they are the best partner, so the promotion of your business is perfect.

That they give you complete, regular and well-explained reports

It is important to monitor the campaigns. If it is not measured, it can’t be improved. Therefore, when choosing an online advertising agency. So, think about the documents that prepare them. That would be as one of the priorities to achieve your goals. Only with data, you can know what works and what can be improved or improved results.

Pixel’s Final words

Having an online advertising agency is really important for your business. Actually, it is a decision you will not regret taking. From Pixel, we are clear that our philosophy goes beyond personal attention to each of our clients. We are an agency with a clear communication policy.

We are committed to doing everything possible to achieve our clients’ objectives. In addition, our challenge is always to exceed all expectations.

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