Among all exhibition stall builders in Sri Lanka, Pixel hits your exhibition stall up to No#01

What is an exhibition stall?


Exhibition stalls are simply put as a well-designed structure used by brands to showcase their products and services in exhibitions. These exhibition stalls build in very professional and appealing ways to represent their products and services properly.

This is the platform where you can give a better idea about your products and services with proper details. The main purpose of these exhibition booths to communicate and verb explain about the products and services.


exhibition stall builders in Sri LankaWho are the exhibition stall builders in Sri Lanka?


Exhibition stall builders in Sri Lanka are the designers who design your exhibition stall. They understand your business and highlight the presence of yours in the trade fairs. Let’s see how exhibition stall builders design your booth step by step. Stick around.

  • Develop the concept by understanding your purpose

Professional exhibition stall builders in Sri Lanka work hard to make a remarkable impression on the show. So they understand your aim and ensure that your exhibition stall is well suited to achieve your goals in the exhibition.

Exhibition stall builders in Sri Lanka design your exhibition stall to be based on the floor space, your location in the exhibition hall, and the budget. All of the things that include in the exhibition stall are based on that. Good exhibition stall builders in Sri Lanka work in your favor to give you the best exhibition stall in the show.


  • Share the design ideas with you

Exhibition stall builders in Sri Lanka use the space you allot to them as best as they can. They stand within your budget and deliver you the best thing. They share their ideas about space size, budget, stall size, brand objective, stall location, etc. Their purpose by sharing design ideas is to understand what you think about their ideas and what the changes you prefer to make are.


  • Finalize designing and building exhibition venues according to your goal


After you share your ideas with exhibition stall builders in Sri Lanka and once you are happy with the final concept they start to construct the exhibition stall. They work with premium materials to take your business to the customers in a great way. Your exhibition stall reflects the nature of your business and how successfully you run the business.


  • Installing your exhibition stand


Exhibition stall builders in Sri Lanka cover everything you need to conduct a good show by assembling all of them. They consider the final look of your exhibition booth and make sure that it is the same thing that you have finalized.


  • Adorn your exhibition booth


In here exhibition stall builders in Sri Lanka embellish your stall with all equipment you need and the technology. Sometimes they add extra features like desks, lighting, TV, and anything that enhance the attractiveness of your exhibition stall.


  • Project management


Making a good exhibition stall is a huge responsibility to the exhibition stall builders in Sri Lanka. They are responsible to deliver you the best exhibition stall at the show. So, exhibition stall builders in Sri Lanka need one of your employees as a project manager so he/she can represent you from the development to the installation of your exhibition booth. He/she also is the coordinator of you and the exhibition stall builders in Sri Lanka. This is the most effective way for you to make sure that everything is going on as you wanted. This will be a great support for the exhibition stall builders in Sri Lanka and to you at the same time.


Can you find the best exhibition stand builders in Sri Lanka? Where?


Now you know what professional exhibition stall builders in Sri Lanka do. Also now you know that the responsibilities of a professional exhibition stall builder in Sri Lanka go beyond the fundamental responsibilities. You must be wondering where you can find the best exhibition stall builders in Sri Lanka to do their job as I explained above. Do they even exist?

You have nothing to worry about. I know where you can find the best exhibition stall builders in Sri Lanka to get the perfect and the most attractive exhibition stall at the trade fair. Let’s get to know about them.

 Pixel Advertising Solutions is the best place to get your exhibition stall done. Let’s consider why.


  • First thing first, Pixel offers you a quality and reliable service as the first thing. As an exhibitor, you should consider your exhibition stall builders in Sri Lanka’s previous projects. Pixel can show you how successfully they satisfied their previous clients with pride.
  • The pixel uses 3D max design to show the final concept to the client and Pixel expects to give them the right idea about it.
  • Pixel is ready to do installations island-wide for you
  • Pixel has the capability of offer you the service from basic type exhibition stall to standard designer type exhibition stall.
  • Pixel works within your budget and you don’t have to overspend on your exhibition stall.
  • Pixel won’t let you down with a nightmare. So they finish your stall and deliver it to you on time. Pixel works to gauge an ethical standard.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. You should work with Pixel Advertising Solutions to see how different and professional their service from other exhibition stall builders in Sri Lanka. If you need your exhibition stall to be an eye candy in the exhibition you should try Pixel. As an exhibitor, your aim should be to give customers a detailed insight. So why don’t you let the expert do the work for you? Just trust me; Pixel will amaze you with their skills.

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Stall designs ideas

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Get the best of everything that your business want from the No#01 Sri Lanka Digital Agency.-2021

What is Sri Lanka Digital Agency?


A digital agency is where involves web development and design, search engine optimization (SEO), paid online advertising, content marketing, email marketing, social media, and other services to market your business.

Since the world has moved with digitalization we have to adapt it. You can’t handle the marketing of your business by having a pretty little local radio station in your house and read your copy by yourself. You can neither take out newspaper ads with huge success nor hand out flyers with your leaflets.

You could do these things and market your business like how you used to do it for years but only before digitalization.

We are going to consider “The role of Sri Lanka digital agency, what is the use of Sri Lanka digital agency? Who can offer you the best marketing experience as a Sri Lanka digital agency?” in this article.

Sri Lanka digital agency

What is the role of the Sri Lanka digital agency?


Digital marketing is the main thing that Sri Lanka digital agency does. It can simply put as creating marketing strategies that can reach our goals in this digital world. Sri Lanka digital agency helps you to compete with other businesses in the industry by creating a digital marketing platform for you.

Sri Lanka digital agency works to elevate your business to success by marketing. The role of the Sri Lanka digital agency is extending from creating a website for your business to mastering your brand online.

The quality of the Sri Lanka digital agency depends on how they take risks and make them happen. If Sri Lanka digital agency can turn your business upside down with their skills that are the best digital agency you can work with.

Instead of using traditional methods of marketing, Sri Lanka digital agency should be able to take risks by breaking the fence.

A good digital agency can beautify your website like eye candy to the person who comes upon it. Sri Lanka digital agency should be able to attract consumers to your business.

Let’s see how Sri Lanka digital agency performs its service.


  • Learn about your business properly.


First of all Sri Lanka digital agency should learn about your business. If they don’t understand your business it will be very difficult for them to lift your business to the target market. You need a digital agency that can get under the skin and understand your business.

If Sri Lanka digital agency understands you properly they can decide what your brand needs.

  • Master your brand online


Sri Lanka digital agency especially focuses on creating your online existence. If you don’t have a website, a digital agency will design one for you. If you already have a website Sri Lanka digital agency analyzes your website by using many tools and decides what you should change to achieve the best results. You can’t keep your website as a catalog. If you maintain your website as a catalog, most serious buyers tempt to move on.

This is why you need the best Sri Lanka digital agency to work with you. A good digital agency has the talent to create or changes to keep people on your site.

The most important marketing strategies that Sri Lanka digital agency uses are;

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

MMI (Mobile Market Integration)


Who can offer you the best marketing experience as a digital agency?


The Sri Lanka digital agency can make or break your reputation. Not only that but also it can cover up your entire online existence. So it is very important to choose the best digital agency to hand over your website.

Pixel Advertising Solutions is in the first place when it comes to online marketing.

Let me tell you why?

  • Pixel is staffed with a great team to deliver you the best of the best. Pixel has experts in each field such as,


SEO and pay per click


Web designing and programming

Social media


Sales and more

to burnish your company in every way possible.

  • Pixel sees its clients as partners. So Pixel maintains a healthy partnership with the client by good, honest and open communication.
  • Pixel has the flexibility to adapting to the digital marketing world which is changing day by day.
  • Pixel has the mastery of modern and latest technology to give clients the ability to request more for their business.
  • Pixel is surrounding by fresh and brilliant creative ideas. That is one of the main reasons why Pixel is unique from other companies.
  • Not only creativity but also Pixel stands out on the ability to execute which ensures the success of the client.
  • Pixel identifies potential problems quickly and comes up with extremely effective solutions.
  • As a reputable digital agency Pixel performs keyword research and competitive analysis.
  • Pixel presents measurable results to the client to see how successful their work is.
  • Pixel helps its clients to get a strong online presence


How do you feel after knowing so many benefits of work with Pixel Advertising Solutions? It is a great opportunity for you to create a better place in the digital market. Isn’t it? So why don’t you choose Pixel Advertising Solutions to lift your business higher?


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Are you looking for the best press release sri lanka which can be lifted your company to the No. 01?-2021

What is a press release?

The press release sri lanka is a statement issued to newspapers giving information on a particular matter, an official statement delivered, or making an announcement. A perfect press release is surrounded by nine structural elements. Those are,

1.Creating an online press


It doesn’t matter whether you are targeting journalists or consumers, you should take the advantage of the most important thing in a press release; searchability. We all know how people change the way of getting information these days. People involved an online platform to it. The press release has two audiences;

  • People who search for your service or product.
  • Search engines that index your content and deliver it to the people.


After putting yourself into the shoes of your perfect customer you will realize that what they would be searching for you to come with your product. In a press release, you have to fill it with valuable stuff without over boarding. It has to be organic.


2.Before the beginning


You have to get to the point and start strong in the beginning.  You must have to grab the attention of the reader in the beginning. It will help you to keep the reader throughout the press release sri lanka You have to be professional in the writing. Avoid using clichés, industry jargon, slung, etc. using quotes can help you to attract the reader. Another main thing that you have to keep in your mind that “Less is more” here.

There are few things that you should not do in a press release sri lanka.

  • Don’t offer opinions. Make your narrative fact-based.
  • Don’t use “I” or “we” to make it a First-person narrative. Always be a concern to use a third-person narrative.
  • Don’t address customers directly in the press release sri lanka.

If your company has a well-developed great technology, if your company has something that none of your competitors have or if your company received an award feel free to show your pride to the world.  It will be a huge opportunity to give a better idea about your company to the audience.


3.The headline


This is your time to catch the eye of your reader. You need to write a very energetic and attractive headline for that. A well-written headline can grab the audience like nothing else. You have to have the ability to answer “Yes” to the first question that comes to the reader’s mind which is “Would I have to read this?” as soon as the reader saw your headline. You must have it in good shape. I would prefer to recommend writing the headline at last. Then you can include keywords and write a great headline with the content of the body of the press release.


4.The summary


This is the abstract of the content which is containing in the body of the press release. It should be less than five sentences and should contain the name of your company. Summery is also a great opportunity to grab the reader to you. A well-written summary helps the reader to get a proper idea about the whole article. Some search engines only show the summary to the reader. Although we can’t judge the book by its cover, in a situation like the above reader tempt to judge the whole press release by the summary. Yes, summery can be an extremely important part of your press release

5.The dateline


Dateline is nothing to worry about. But you have to follow the format

  • City, States
  • Day, Month, Year


6.Lead paragraph


This is where you do the announcement to your audience and this is where also the readers who read neither of your headline or summary start to questions like where, when, how, why, who. In the lead paragraph, you have to be straightforward while maintaining simple communication with the audience. This might be short but it has to be powerful to grab and keep the reader till the body of the press release.


7.The body


The body of the press release is where you can establish the existence of your company to the audience in three parts.

The tone should be intent and the content should be meaningful. No one needs to read unnecessary fluffs. We can divide the body to

  • Opening paragraph – explain with details of who, what, when, where, how that you give a hint in the lead paragraph.


  • Middle – add details to the topic you are considering about and feel free to add relevant quotes and stats figures. Especially add the website address of yours in the middle part of the press release sri lanka.



  • Closing paragraph – in the closing paragraph you need to summarize the key points and motivate the readers to visit your website to learn more. You can also give more details of the product or service that you were considering about.


8.Boilerplate statement


In this part, you should include pertinent facts about important people or products without self-promoting. It also should be written impartially. Simply we can name it “About us” in your company.


9.Contact information


This is where the audience uses to contact you. They can be media or customers. If they need to learn more about you or have any questions to ask you this part will be the most important part to them. So supply the details about your company with the name, position, telephone number, website, and email address.


There you have the perfect press release formula. Use this to write your next announcement. But how it sounds if I say I know a place where you can get the best press release sri lanka for your company? It sounds great right?

Well, let me introduce the only place you can get a press release in Sri Lanka and the best place you can get it out there.


Where you can get the perfect press release Sri Lanka?


Finally, you just came to the life-changing part. I’m so excited to announce to you that Pixel Advertising Solutions the only place in Sri Lanka and the best place you can ever find to get your press release done. A perfect press release sri lanka can cause the huge success of your company.

If you are a neophyte with your business you might don’t know how to do a press release sri lanka, so why don’t you try it with the Pixel? It can elevate your business to success even in your very first press release. If you are an expert you can mingle your skills with Pixel, can you imagine how great will it turn out? It definitely will be amazing. No matter you are a newcomer or an expert Pixel can give you the best press release sri lanka with their skills and experience.

Pixel announce your press release with a factual tone and give the journalist the essence of the story properly. Pixel has the capability of publishing the press release sri lanka in so many newspapers like;

press release sri lankaSinhala Papers


  • LankaDeepa
  • Dinamina
  • Mawbima
  • Ada
  • Silumina
  • Sunday Mawbima
  • Sunday Mawrata
  • Profit Magazine

press release sri lanka




  • Virakesari
  • Thinakaran 
  • Thinakkural
  • Thamil Mirror
  • Sunday Virakesari
  • Sunday Thinakkiral
  • Sunday Thinakaran 




  • Daily News
  • Daily Mirror
  • Daily FT
  • Ceylon Today
  • Island
  • Sunday Ceylon Today
  • Sunday Island
  • Sunday Observer


As you can see this is your opportunity to take your company to the people through a press release sri lanka with Pixel Advertising Solutions by using the above main newspapers in Sri Lanka. I think I already prove to you that the Pixel is qualified to be your press releaser without any doubt. So I would like to invite you to experience the best press release sri lanka with Pixel. So what do you waiting for?

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Give your business the best identity by logo design with the No. 01 Logo designer Sri Lanka.

What is a Logo design?

A Logo is a graphic mark that can be a name, word, symbol, design, pattern, or combination of these, that a company or a group of companies use to distinguish their goods and services from competing goods and services. Using a Logo is a very important production strategy in the market of the 21st century.

A company certifies to offer their special and unique qualities, benefits, and services to the clients by their Logo. Not only that but also Logo design is one of the fundamental elements of business identity that helps establish and maintain a unique existence in the mind of consumers and other target audience. The success of your business is in the place where a customer can explain your logo even after the first sight to another customer.


Logo Design


Logo Design

Ideas and messages that a Logo design gives to the consumers.

  • Qualities of the product
  • Benefits
  • Value
  • Culture
  • Users
  • Personality

A logo is the first thing that consumers learn about your business. According to that, you should design a unique and special logo for your business. You can earn customer loyalty or lost their loyalty by the logo design. A good logo can highlight even among thousands of logos.

What are the attributes that must exist for a good logo?

  1. It should be short and simple.
  2. It should be easy to pronounce, identify and memorize.
  3. It should give an idea about the main qualities and uses of the product.
  4. It must be different from other competing logos.
  5. It should represent any kind of culture.
  6. It should be distinctive.
  7. It should be authentic.
  8. Last but not least, the logo should be defensive.logo design

If a logo has the attributes mentioned above, it will definitely elevate the business to the path of success.

There are countless businesses in the world. Each of them has a different name and a different logo. Thus yours has to be unique and attractive among all of them to be noticeable.

What are the benefits of the logo design?

There are many benefits of a logo. Not only to the business but also the customer.

Benefits to the business by the logo design

  • Being able to distinguish the logo of your business from other competing logos and protect the identity of your company.
  • Easy to take orders.
  • Being able to get legal protection.
  • Being able to get and maintain loyalty in customers.
  • Create value for the business.
  • Enhance the overall image of the business through the logo.
  • Being able to market different consumer goods and services using the same logo.

Benefits to the customer by the logo design

  • Being able to select products easily.
  • Being able to be protected by counterfeit products.
  • Being able to get the product by naming it and buy them without any confusion.
  • Being able to buy popular and good quality products.
  • Being able to complain easily.

As a person has a name, your business should have a logo to be recognized by the world. You can elevate your business to success by using a logo. Consumers in the target audience are being able to memorize your business by your logo easily. In that way, you can get more close to your target market.

Who can design the best logo for you?

A key to a successful business is its logo. Because the logo is the first thing that consumer learns about your business. If you don’t have a good logo or if you don’t have a logo at all it will be a huge disadvantage for the business. That is why a logo can be the key to success.

If you want a logo unique and that can catch the eye of consumers. The best place you can get your logo done is Pixel Advertising Solutions. A logo which is designed by Pixel can enhance the popularity of your business and highlighted it in your target market.

Pixel is the best logo designer you can ever find. Here is why?

  • Pixel has the talent of communicating the identities of brands through the logo.
  • Pixel understands the identity of your brand and comes up with an ideal logo which is suits your business well.
  • Pixel has the confidence and creativity to design a unique logo for you.
  • Pixel has an eye for art to design attractive and aesthetic logo designs that can reach your target market.
  • Pixel balances the artistry and the vision of your business to give you the masterpiece.
  • Pixel holds a great place in this digitalized world to deliver you the best logo by using technology such as

                            Adobe Acrobat, Creative Suite, Flash, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and AI Logo Maker

                            HTML and CSS

                            Photo editing

                            Quark and QuarkXpress


  • Pixel responsible to deliver the product on time with their skill of time managing attribute.
  • Pixel does not end with creativity, but pixel continues to design your logo with their strategic thinking and marketing skills


Don’t you want your business to be popular worldwide by designing a very attractive and unique logo by Pixel? Who doesn’t want it? So if you want to memorize your business in customers’ minds and be successful in that way, you should get your logo done by Pixel Advertising Solutions.

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Web design makes the No.01 best combination with Pixel Advertising Solutions, Sri Lanka, Kandy.

What is web design Sri Lanka Kandy?

Web design is a task that is surrounded by many different kinds of skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. Web graphic design, user interface design (UI design), user experience design (UX design), and authoring, proprietary software, including standardized code, and search engine optimization are the different areas of web design.

A good web designer should cover all of these areas to provide the best product to the client. “Web design” can normally describe as a design process that includes writing markup relating to the front-end (client-side) design of the website.

History of Web design Sri Lanka Kandy.

The start of web design is running back to 1989.  Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee proposed to create a global hypertext project while he was working at the European Organization for Nuclear Research known as CERN. The project later became known as the World Wide Web (WWW)

World Wide Web was born from 1991 to 1993 as the text-only pages could be viewed using a simple line-mode browser. The Mosaic Browser created in 1993 by Marc Andreessen and Eric Bina. There were multiple browsers at that time but most of them were text-heavy and there had no images or sounds as integrated approach elements to graphic design. Majority of them based on Unix.




The Mosaic browser breaks this frame. In 1994, The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) was created to lead the World Wide Web. It is the main international standard organization for the World Wide Web.

  •   Evolution of web design

Microsoft is the company that released a competitive browser with its own features and HTML tags in 1996 as the first complete browser. It also was the first browser that supports style sheets. A style sheet language which used for describing and presentation of a document written in a markup language such as HTML called CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) was introduced in December 1996 by the W3C to support layout and presentation.

In 1996, Flash (originally known as FutureFlash) was developed. Flash required a plug-in, many web developers prevented from using it because of the fear of limiting their market share due to lack of compatibility. But the benefits of Flash changed it powerful enough to be used to develop sites and popular enough for the specific target market.

News browsers had been released after the end of the wars of browsers and the W3C has released new standards for CSS (CSS3), HTML (HTML5), and JavaScript API’s.

web design sri lanka kandy

What are the skills that Web design Sri Lanka Kandy should have?

  • Know the principles of web design and follow them
  • Typography
  • Composition
  • Color theory
  • Software for design
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Responsive design
  • Graphic design
  • User experience (UX)
  • User interface (UI)
  • Compromise
  • Communication
  • Business strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Why is Pixel Advertising Solutions always in the first place when it comes to Web designing?

  • Pixel has great marketing skills and communication design.

User understanding is the taproot of web designing. It is the most important skill that works to reach the target audience. As the best Web designing agency Sri Lanka Kandy, Pixel understands the trends of the target audience properly and considers the reputation of the representing website of the business.

  • User experience (UX) and interactivity.

User experience is related to clear instructions, labeling on the website, and the layout.  The pixel will design a website that users can understand well and user-friendly. The Pixel will make your website users with advanced interactive functions.

  • Page layout

The quality of the page layout affects the popularity of the website. The pixel will consider the page layout of your website thoughtfully.

  • Typography

Instead of using a wide range of typestyles and typefaces Pixel selects the limited variety of website typefaces that are similar in style to avoid complications.

  • Motion graphics

The use of motion graphics also affects the user interface. Pixel designs you the best website by using motion graphics to make your website more attractive without unnecessary and distracting animations.

  • Quality of code

A good code should be easily, quickly, and clearly understandable by anyone. Pixel is considered a good quality code for you.

  • Generated content

Pixel is capable to provide you both Static and Dynamic websites in your favor. Pixel assists you to figure out what type of website is suitable for you.

Who doesn’t want to hand over the website of their company to a mature and experienced hand? So you don’t have to look further. You came to the right place to design the best website you can ever have. Just give the responsibility of your website to Pixel Advertising Solutions; they will take care of the rest of it.

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Watch pixel video Intro

Pixel App development intro video


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