Most Popular Questions

1. Can you help me to develop my business that is not doing too well ?

We conduct research into understanding the miscalculations, which would provide information regarding the the development areas. Based on this interpretation, we assist the client with rebranding and other digital marketing strategies and technical capabilities that are innovative and updated to suit the modern times. This would provide a platform for you to spread your services across horizons on the digital space.

2. How do we contact you ?

Our main contact details are mentioned on our website, upon our initial contact our representative will contact and meet you to discuss further plans.

3. Do you offer services on credit basis ?

Pixel is a flexible advertising agency. Depending on the client we are open to providing our services to clients. We are capable of working on an installment scheme as well.

4. Do you offer a guarantee with your services ?

Guarantee is provided only with outdoor advertising material and events.

5. Do you redesign old websites ?

Certainly, we redesign updated systems both locally and internationally with innovative and updated systems that would enable you to stand out among your fellow competitors.

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