The scenario of the best advertising agency in Kandy

Advertising agency in Kandy is basically an independent firm that markets and advertises for their client’s company for business growth or increase in the sales of the same. In other words advertising agencies are the business that supports clients in all levels of the businesses.

How does an advertising agency in Kandy work? 

The core value of any advertising firms is the growth they are offer to their client’s company. In Kandy, this advertising agencies covers every aspect of their clients need. For example- digital printing, logo designing, account management, media planning and so on. Basically this agency starts their work from dust and makes it large.
These advertising agencies mainly work in 3 guidelines for successful completion of their work. And those are as follows a) Planning
b) Production
c) Execution.
The advertising agency in Kandy work in these manners to make sure that the client’s customers are influenced by the company’s product or the services. And hence it helps in increase of sales and exponential increases the growth of the company.

What is the scenario of the best advertising agency in Kandy ?

Now let us talk about the top notch and the fastest booming advertising agency Pixel advertising solutions. They have  over 6 years of experience and 300 plus projects because of which Pixel currently stands as the no.1 among all the advertising agencies in Kandy.
The company was basically started with the 4 dedicated individuals with the owner being Sanjaya Rathnayke.
The main highlights of this agency is gaining an international visibility, grabbing the international award within 6 months of establishment and on the other hand in 2016 it reached beyond international boundaries by launching its branches in the countries like Pakistan, Dubai, USA, Australia and Japan.

advertising agency in Kandy

What are the services they provide?

The first and foremost motto is obviously to provide the best advertising solutions and works that would increase client’s public relations. The list of the services provided is as follows –

1. Advertising
2. Branding and Interior designing
3. Web design
4. App development
5. Search Engine Optimization  (SEO)

Now let us briefly look into these services and understand why is it the best advertising agency in Kandy-

Advertising – Pixel advertising solutions uses the world class research on one hand and on other it executes methodologies services to provide to a client. They have the in depth knowledge and experience of how exactly the market works and provide business solution accordingly. Nevertheless, they possess the energy and skills of hardworking youth.

Branding and Interior designing – They brand their clients with unique and extensive quality because it  helps company gain uniqueness in market and makes Pixel stand out as compare to other advertising agency in Kandy. With the skilled teams working with the software like ArchitCAD Pixel advertising solutions provide the beforehand experience or the feel of the places that client usually wants to build. It can be a house, offices or any other places as per the requirement.

Web designing- It is a common knowledge that a good business requires a good website for people to reach on just a click away. Therefore they have team working their way through various design and ideas to make one.

App development- Though websites are great method to reach audiences. What’s even more accessible is mobile apps. In pixel clients are provided with unique and creative app designs.

SEO – Besides every services Pixel provides it makes sure that the Google ranking of its clients is always at the top.

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How will be advertising agencies in Sri Lanka?

Advertising agencies in Sri Lanka are changing things! In fact, the network has been making bigger many businesses already, This became into new activities take off, achieving success.

Therefore, it is logical to think that all those changes that we live online also change online advertising agencies.

How will they be in the future?

Although we don’t have a ball that predicts what will happen, it is true that some trends offer us the possibility of imagining that future so close with some reliability. Therefore, there are two factors in which you will notice the difference.

Is not the same, a current online advertising agency and one within a few years. Do you want to know what the differences are?

Agencies’ professionals

The importance of specialized profiles in the advertising sector is already being noticed. That is why we are sure that the marketers of the future will be. Above all, analytical, quick and will adapt easily to the changes in the world of the Internet.


The network allows obtaining data in real time. It is becoming easier and the future will go in that line. You can measure everything. Although it is necessary to differentiate the general data through specific tools from the specific KPIs of each activity. The latter requires a process of definition and analysis beforehand. Once you o that, you will also be measurable from minute one.

Performance marketing for advertising agencies in Sri Lanka

We are going towards a business model. One which we will avoid the fees for specific actions of online advertising. With the right professionals, the progress of the tools and metrics are always available.

advertising agencies in Sri Lanka

Agencies will negotiate with their clients a suitable price to reach the objectives.

Don’t be afraid to say you don’t know

Nobody knows everything. Being an expert does not mean knowing all the details in all the fields. If you ask for something for an agency and you respond with an “I do not know, I will look for it”.

Also, you should know that it is a good sign. Imagine the best of others. All this, without being aware that there are hundreds of dissertations and concepts that are not experts. Find answers and give them to explain everything, yes it is.

It has values ​​and business ethics. Hiring an online advertising agency that has a team that works in good conditions is an advantage for your business. Look if that company cares about its employees.

That means that they will be more motivated. In addition, they will want to face challenges.

Also, they will also have the right attitude to achieve their goals and make them a good job.

ad agency sri lanka 2019

Without a doubt, they are the best partner, so the promotion of your business is perfect.

That they give you complete, regular and well-explained reports

It is important to monitor the campaigns. If it is not measured, it can’t be improved. Therefore, when choosing an online advertising agency. So, think about the documents that prepare them. That would be as one of the priorities to achieve your goals. Only with data, you can know what works and what can be improved or improved results.

Pixel’s Final words

Having an online advertising agency is really important for your business. Actually, it is a decision you will not regret taking. From Pixel, we are clear that our philosophy goes beyond personal attention to each of our clients. We are an agency with a clear communication policy.

We are committed to doing everything possible to achieve our clients’ objectives. In addition, our challenge is always to exceed all expectations.

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