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What is digital printing?

Digital printing is production or dissemination of digital image directly to the variety of mediums. In compare with traditional printing it is great modification in business.
The word  “digital printing” is defined as the method apart from traditional printing.  Digital printing inclines to be a quicker procedure, and is budget friendly, as there are no prices for film, plates, or chromalins.  Offset printing, flexography, letterpress printing and screen printing are some of the other printing types. In the following article we will get to know more about digital printing in Kandy and its uses.

Why is it necessary?

As it is clear that digital printing sinks the number of levels in the orthodox printing process (which includes films and plates). This helps in saving of lot of time and energy. As we get the help by printing only one copy at a time, we get the idea of our print which ultimately helps us by making changes before the final print. This has become possible as we know that the press is connected directly to the PC which contains the design, it is conceivable to combine data files with the design file to allow individual thoughts or to target groups of leaflets to different markets. There are no restrictions to the amount or magnitude of “mutable” data areas and they can contain writings or pictures. Digital marketing provides with a options of what we want to print and how we want it to be printed.


digital printing in KandyWhat are the advantages over traditional printing when compare to digital printing in Kandy?

Relief, offset printing, lithography etc are some of the traditional ways of printing. Digital printing has almost taken over these mediums. some of the advantages it has over traditional methods are as follows  –

  • Digital printing has advantages when the number of outputs needed is less. For example if a person needs 20 flyovers or 10 greeting cards, he/ she can use it.
  • Another use of digital printing is it’s a amendable data proficiency when each paper needs a unique encryption; name or address, digital is the only way to go. Other printing methods cannot pull this string.
  • Arrangement charges are less for small tracks.
  • On the basis of when and how much amount digital printing executes .
  • We can print the amounts as low as 1,100 or 200.
  • We can modify the input data such as names, addresses or codes. In addition to this we can do numbering easily.
  • It doesn’t require plates like the offset printers which makes it budget efficient and easy to use.As we know Kandy is the second major city in Sri Lanka after Colombo. It performs a major role in the growth of the country’s economy by adding to its GDP (Gross domestic product) through tourism and attractive places. Digital printing plays major role in marketing by putting up hoardings and pamphlets cheaply and user friendly. Enhanced technology has made digital quality suitable for more uses. Some of the top digital printers of Kandy are Pixel advertising, Art graphica advertising, Yasitha creations etc.  At the conclusion, these are the advantages of digital printing in Kandy.

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Business card printing: Things to keep in mind!

In the era of digitally growing world where exchange of contact details and other information usually occurs through emails and social media it might seem odd for one to keep business card. But it has greater significance than one might think. Now let us learn about why is business card printing is important and how to carefully choose one. Business cards not only showcases the contact details and address of the person but tells much more about the ambiance and vibes one’s company possesses. And it takes a lot more than just a random design and card type to make it happen.

business card printing

Why is it important?

Though it might not seem to be a big deal for any businessperson or entrepreneurs to keep a business card but it has larger effect on the growth of any company.
First of all it has personal touch in its own way. While in a business meet or on tour exchanging of business card always signifies that the person is really looking forward to work with you. As it is a common knowledge that first impression is the last impression your business card does the same for you. It creates a very good first impression on your client or businessmen you are thinking of collaborating to. One should always keep business cards with them to grow networking whenever they visit someplace.

Things to keep in mind while business card printing?

  • The first and the foremost thing to do is hire a professional to make one if you aren’t a capable of doing so.
  • Your business card should always be of a proper size and shape. It is important because it is easier to keep and also it becomes portable.
  • The fonts and the colors play a major role in showcasing your business image. One should always keep the font and colors neat and disciplined. Also, it depends on the type of business one is involved in. But mostly it is good to keep it simple.
  • The name and contact information should be properly displayed and readable. A good business card basically includes name, company name, email, phone info, logo and Web address.
  • Always use a good quality of paper while making one. It is important to do so. Use good standard of design and outline.
  • Be a little innovative and choose a unique business card to stand out.

At last, good business card printing helps in creating a remarkable business image for businessmen and entrepreneurs and ultimately helps in boosting the network.

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video about Business card printing!

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ඔබේ ව්‍යාපාරය දියුණු කර ගැනීමට ඔබට අවශ්‍යද?

අප සමඟ ලියාපදිංචි වන්න, අපි ඉක්මනින් ඔබ හා සම්බන්ධ වන්නෙමු!