Top 10 app development companies in Sri Lanka.

Mobile phones have become an essential part of everyone’s life. New developments in mobile technology are impacting every life on this planet directly or indirectly. It is difficult to dream life without mobile phones. There has been much innovation in mobile technology for years but nothing compares to mobile application or app. App development industries are growing day by day. Billions and billions of app are being used by the clients every single day. It is being used from social networking sites to conducting of successful businesses. Mobile phones, tablets are getting more innovated and upgraded daily. With increase in demands for mobile phones there is also an increase in demand for mobile applications. In the following article we are going to look at the top 10 app development companies in Sri Lanka and their info. But before let us know what qualities a top app development company possesses.


top 10 app development companies

Businessman pressing colorful mobile app icons with bokeh background

Qualities of a top app development company:

Top Application Development Company is the one that successfully turns a client’s app dream into a reality. The basic work of an app is to help clients connect to the vast majority of users. So let’s see in brief what constitutes the top app development company.

  1. Excellent work ethics and client approach –

One of the most important qualities a company should possess is the work ethics or rules they follow. In addition to this, it is also necessary how a company approaches to the requirement of their customers in building an app. A company should always be creative, punctual and honest in carrying out businesses.

  1. Making user-friendly app-

In order to top the charts a company should always make their app by keeping users demands and accessibility. Also , this quality adds up to the success and popularity of the application.

  1. Make a unique and alluring app-

The app that one makes decides the revenue and customer database it will generate for their clients. So it is very important for the makers to make an alluring app to keep their users busy and add features to keep the use in process. This is the key factor to keep in mind if the company wants it’s app to get the popularity it deserves.

  1. Skilled and loyal workers –

Having experienced and dedicated workers is the basic and important factor for every company . The company who dreams to be on the top. Skill workers help the app in creating a name it requires throughout its execution.  And a loyal worker keeps in mind the benefits of the company and user while developing the application.
These are some of the basic qualities that a top 10 app development company in Sri Lanka should possess.


What are those top companies in Sri Lanka?

Now without any further delays, let us look down on charts of the top 10 app development companies in Sri Lanka.  And what makes them hold the rank. The lost is as follows-

1.Pixel Advertising Solutions
2. Telexar
3. Ceffectz Pvt Ltd
4. Treinetic Pvt Ltd
5. Alofa Techlabs (Pvt) Ltd
6. LAYOUTindex
7. Negete
8. Adelmo Technology
9. Apps.Ik (Planetweb Pvt Ltd)
10. K World Solutions Pvt Ltd.

These are the top 10 app development companies according to their rank and reviews. In Sri Lanka they have been uplifting the market at highest level possible and leaving their foot-marks. Let us get into the brief of these companies.

1.Pixel Advertising Solutions


Pixel Logo


Pixel Advertising Solutions is a Kandy based advertising solution company. This company also provides services in app development of other businesses. Pixel Advertising Solutions ranks at the first position in the top 10 app development companies in Sri Lanka. It is also top contender in advertising agency in Sri Lanka. Let us look at the detail that makes it superior in the charts.

The founder and CEO of the company is Mr. Sanjaya Rathnayke. Moreover, Pixel Advertising Solutions was established in the year 2014 with the only 4 hardworking individuals to begin. The exponential growth of Pixel advertising solutions has been remarkable. Within the six months of its foundation Pixel was honored with an international award. Also this award was just the roots to the beginning of most esteemed company in the country. As the time passed company’s dedication and thirst for becoming the superiority grew.


In addition to above,  within next 2 years Pixel expanded beyond international boundaries and launched itself in Dubai, Pakistan, USA, Australia and Japan. It landed with 300 plus finished projects, 150 and above satisfied clients and more than 4 awards within the last 5 years. Pixel even grabbed 2 awards for its Application ‘Pooppal‘. There is no resting for these guys. In an interview with Mr. Rathnayke, he clarified about future plans of Pixel. He said Pixel advertising solutions will expand its territory in more countries and claim the superiority for his country.


The services provided by Pixel Advertising Solutions are advertising,  branding and designing,  Interior design,  App development(being it’s top priority ), Web design and Search Engine optimization (SEO). Few of Pixel’s other services includes business card printing, stalls for exhibition, digital printing, offset and brochure printing.

Mission and vision-

Pixel Advertising Solutions dreams for its clients to stand tall in market. Through their innovative ideas, dedicated team and updated mechanism they strive for their client’s success in all the possible ways.


The contact details of Pixel Advertising Solutions are as follows: –

Address- 153/ Gannoruwa, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, 20400.
Email- [email protected].
Phone- +94 77 400 68888.





Texalar ranks second the list of top 10 app development companies. The headquarters of Texalar is in the capital city of the country that is Colombo, Sri Lanka. It is a software product engineering and technology innovation company. It specializes in developing digital products for other businesses all over Sri Lanka.

The current CEO of the company is Mr. John Sriskandarajah. With their hard work and cutting edge technology they are ranking over the years.


Texalar provides services which include software development, digitalization, offshore and #x2F; outsourcing and consultation. They take time and adopt critical thinking while making their client’s product and while carrying out businesses with them.

Mission and vision-

Texalar has a goal of empowering every individual and organizations with cutting edge software solutions. Texalar applies top technologies with amalgamation of lateral thinking while providing product solutions.


Address – Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Website –
Phone- 076 742 2048



3.Ceffectz Pvt Ltd


Introduction – 

Ceffectz Pvt Ltd is well known global app Development Company. They strike at the business with intention of thriving in the industry. There aura and working skills make them the top contender in the list of top 10 app development companies.

Their tagline is to think, create and believe.  This shows their level of dedication in their client’s projects. They have up-till now won 5 remarkable awards in the industry with 300 plus successful projects.


Ceffectz Pvt Ltd provides services in the areas like creative design, Web development, mobile development and IoT solutions. They provide the best software development solutions and consultations.

Mission and Vision-

Ceffectz Pvt Ltd thrive to inspire and create innovative web/mobile solutions that will take development and design to new heights.  Their mission is to provide an essential range of smart business solutions for all kinds of business to reach the global information technology market. Ceffectz Pvt Ltd’s core values include innovation, integrity, sustainable value creating, excellence and teamwork.


Address- 4B 1/1 Nuwarawatte place, Nuwala, Sri Lanka.

Email- [email protected]

Phone –  +94 (0) 114544108.


  1. Treinetic Pvt Ltd 


Introduction –

Treinetic Pvt Ltd is a global app development company. It was founded on October 2014 in Sri Lanka by the company act.2007. Treinetic Pvt Ltd currently provides its facilities to USA, European and scandavanion countries. Also, they have been working for few years now and have gained experience and name in the industry along with other companies too. Moreover, it ranks at 4th place in the top 10 app development companies.

The CEO of the company is Mr. Imal Hasaranga .Treinetic Pvt Ltd has even made an award winning android app called ‘Examiner’ for advance level students in 2016. Also, it is a well-known name in the app development industry.

Services –

They provide services into product engineering such as Web applications development, mobile application development, UI/UX design, Cloud strategy and quality assurance. They have a team of dedicated and young individuals to carry out their client’s needs and process the idea for the same.

Mission and Vision –

Treinetic Pvt Ltd vision is to become one of the renowned and leading software product engineering companies globally. They want to create a place where people are inspired, innovative and happy to work. Moreover, their mission is to lead and guide their team to achieve our client’s objectives and provide totally satisfied products and services.


Address – 1015/A Naghamulla Road, Pelawatte.
Telephone- (+94) 077 295 8078
Email- [email protected]



5.Alofa Techlabs (Pvt) Ltd


Introduction –

Alofa Techlabs (Pvt) Ltd consists of passionate team of software engineers. Moreover, they have a rich experience in developing software solutions from Web application to mobile apps. Also, this factor makes them top the charts of top 10 app development companies.

The CEO and the founder of Alofa Techlabs (Pvt) Ltd is Mr. Sahan Nanayakkara. Additionally, they have an excellent and skilled team working day and night to make their clients need into reality. They are rising name in Sri Lankan app development industry.


The services provided by Alofa Techlabs (Pvt) Ltd includes web application development, mobile application development and technology consulting. On the top of that, they service in  custom software development, UI/UX development, software testing, online marketing services , E- commerce development and also IoT.

Mission and vision- 

Alofa Techlabs (Pvt) Ltd has a simple mission of striving to deliver optimal solutions with the toppings of best quality and services at reasonable prices. Also, they provide their client with high tech solutions to their software problems. Alofa Techlabs (Pvt) Ltd’s vision is to bec ome world class IT service provider in a competitive global market place.



Address- Bataramulla, Sri Lanka.
Phone- 0775114297
Website –




Introduction – 

LAYOUTindex is a modified global software solutions company situated in Sri Lanka. They claim to be the the latest technology driven and superior service provider which in fact they are. This factor makes them claim there rank in the top 10 app development companies in Sri Lanka.

LAYOUTindex provides transformational business solutions and strategic digital solutions to businesses across different industries. They are best in what they do.
This company was founded in the year 2006 with just 3 employees to begin. Additionally , within 2 years of its establishment it partnered with USA on numerous projects. Also, in 2010 it partnered with UK on projects and projected it’s wings all over the globe. They are made up of a passionate and dedicated workers. On the top of that, they have up-till now completed 750 plus projects with 100 plus clients database.


LAYOUTindex provides services in many sectors. Some of it includes web application development, ios &android development, identity and branding, digital marketing & SEO (search engine optimization). Moreover, they also provide service in  social media marketing and video production.

Mission and vision-

LAYOUTindex dreams to be the no.1 digital media material development company. Also, They use Web and digital industry’s standard practices to provide the best services. Additionally, their mission is to provide high standards solutions on advertising and cloud based solutions to their local and international clients. Also, their mission is total customer satisfaction.


Address- Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Telephone – +94 114 388 170, +94 114 388 171
Email- [email protected]
Website –








  1. Negete


Introduction – 

Negete is a Sri Lankan based app development company. Negete stands for next generation technologies. Also ,they thrive to achieve their client’s needs and demands with excellent services and high tech solutions. Moreover, they have a 93 percent client retention rate along with 125 plus successfully delivered projects. Negete has its branches in 5 continents with years of experience. They are one of the top notch firms in all over Sri Lanka. Lastly, they offer their clients an edge over their competitors by providing an amazing experience which help them made their name in top 10 app development companies.


Negete or Next Generation Technologies provides services in Mobile application development, Web application development and hospitality services regarding revenue management.

Mission and vision-

Negete or Next Generation Technologies visions to be globally reckoned force that makes lives simple with use of their versatile technology. Also, their sole mission of Next Generation Technologies is that they are committed to help their clients succeed in their particular businesses. In addition to above, their core values are to perform to their fullest potential and provide clients with best user experience. This explains their place in top 10 app development companies.


Address- Level 5, 443, Galle Road, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Telephone- +94 702703331, +94 11 763 4383
Email- [email protected]


  1. Adelmo Technology


Introduction –

Adelmo Technology is a Sri Lankan based software development company that specializes in website development, mobile development, software development, social media marketing, game development and graphic design. Due to their excellent IT solution and hard work they grabbed seventh place in the top 10 app development companies in Sri Lanka.
They are a newbie in industry still leading at many services. They have completed 7 plus projects and are ranking with good reviews.


Adelmo Technology provides services in numerous fields. Few of them are website development, software development, mobile app development, graphic designing, game development and social media marketing.

Mission and vision-

Adelmo Technology sole mission and vision are to provide excellent customer service and to make their company best and topmost in all over Sri Lanka.


Address- Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Telephone- 078 87 86 043
Email- [email protected]
Website- www


9.Ik (Planetweb Pvt Ltd)


Introduction –

Apps.Ik (Planetweb Pvt Ltd) shines in the app development industry all over Sri Lanka. They consist of experienced designers and developers to help out their customers’ needs and demands. Also ,Apps.Ik (Planetweb Pvt Ltd) is the best name when you want to surpass your competitors in the same field. Moreover, they provide you with excellent ideas and innovation to better their client’s needs. They do construct an IT solution which increases the sales and generates revenue for their client in the business. Through its years of wisdom and skilled labors Apps.Ik (Planetweb Pvt Ltd) has been able to make name for themselves and grab the rank in top 10 app development companies of Sri Lanka.

Services –

The key or main sectors that Apps.Ik (Planetweb Pvt Ltd) provides services in are Mobile app development, IT solutions and support. In addition to these, they provide  graphic design, marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) , cloud service and development and website development.

Mission and vision –

Apps.Ik (Planetweb Pvt Ltd) strives to be the topnotch, tailored and also affordable customer service app developers in Sri Lanka. Besides, their key focus is to provide excellent and top notch services to their client’s satisfaction.


Address- 101 George Street, Parramatta, NSW 2150.
Telephone- 0760673336
Email- [email protected]


  1. K World Solutions Pvt Ltd


Introduction –

K World Solutions Pvt Ltd is a global app development company. K World Solutions Pvt Ltd is the international partner for telecommunications and information technology products and services. They stand tall in app development industry among the other company. Though they are last in the list but aren’t least. They provide their clients with cutting edge products and own innovative services. Their services are cost effective, innovative and high quality technology solutions. They excel in IT, telecommunications, Electrical and electronic fields.K World Solutions Pvt Ltd stands 10th in top 10 app development companies.

The versatile industry they provide their services are travel business, hospitality field, banking sectors, finance department,  government sectors, retail, education,  technology and healthcare sectors all over Sri Lanka. Also, K World Solutions Pvt Ltd consists of highly qualified software engineers and workers to carry out the services. Moreover, they divide their engineers into teams to increase work efficiency and productivity. K World Solutions Pvt Ltd provides good IT solutions for businesses to grow and multiply in industry.



K World Solutions Pvt Ltd provides services like software development which includes mobile app development and Web development. In addition to these, they also provide email marketing, social media marketing and do hosting.

Mission and vision-

K World Solutions Pvt Ltd has the mission of leading the advancement of technology and provide quality products with cost effective services. Also, they have vision to provide innovative and top notch products. Besides, they dream of becoming leader in outsourcing industry and have their name globally recognized.


Address- 7A, Buntings Lane, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.
Email- [email protected]

These are one of the top 10 app development companies in Sri Lanka. Also, each and every company on the list excels in the services and products their company provides. For the quality service and top notch mobile applications one should go browse through their websites and profile.


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Mobile applications development is really important for companies

The mobile app development companies in Sri Lanka is similar to the development of web applications worldwide. It has its roots in the development of more traditional software. A fundamental difference.

However, is that mobile apps are often written specifically to take advantage of the unique features offered by a particular mobile device.

For example, a game app could be written to take advantage of the iPhone’s accelerometer.

Therefore, one way to ensure that apps show optimal performance in a given device is to develop the application (app) natively on that device.
This means that, at a very low level, the code is written specifically for the processor of a particular device.

When an app needs to run on several operating systems. However, there is little – if any – code that can be reused from the initial development.
The app must be essentially rewritten for each specific device. The mobile app development companies in Sri Lanka take that matter into account.

Why are mobile apps important?

In the future, it is expected that most mobile app development efforts will focus on the creation of browser-based applications that are agnostic to the device.

That is, browser-based applications are simply websites created for mobile browsers. These sites are built to load quickly through a cellular network and have easy to use navigation with your fingers.

That’s why there are mobile app development companies in Sri Lanka such as Pixel.

What do we do about it?

Pixel specializes in the analysis and development of mobile apps for all types of companies. We are considered the best mobile app development companies in Sri Lanka. We have earned this with a lot of work, responsibility, and efficiency.
Pixel conceived from its origin as a software development company where quality is one of the pillars of our work.

Mobile app development companies in Sri Lanka

Given this, it is important that you know that all our services consider the premise of the user intent.

As a consequence of this, we aim for our developments to be at the highest quality levels in the market. This has made various national and international companies trust us.

Developing high impact mobile apps

Our vision of quality transmits to our clients the security they need when entrusting their projects to us.

We can adapt your mobile app to the operations of your company.

How do we keep our team at the highest level?

We are not as other mobile app development companies in Sri Lanka. We promote the permanent training of our team of specialists and we create dynamic workgroups that ensure quality control in the different stages.

Pixel creates additional value for its clients in projects where the classic client-supplier relationship gives way to cooperation with a view to common objectives.

mobile apps sri lanka

Why should companies have mobile apps?

The reasons are diverse. However, we will mention the most important to our understanding in Pixel:

Positioning in the search engines:

By having an app, the possibilities of positioning in the first places in the search engines increases by 80%. That is, this is a response to user behavior, which uses more mobile phones than computers.

Automation of processes:

an app allows an organization to automate processes such as sales, inventory, marketing and promotion, optimizing in this way, the overall performance of the organization.

Innovation in the user experience:

an app is the best answer to the user intent that they can offer their clients. It is an essential tool to improve the user experience with your product or service.
For all these reasons, the best thing you can do is to develop mobile applications to improve the performance of your company.


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